Rasayana Rejuvenation Treatment | A Fantastic Reality

Rasayana Rejuvenation Treatment | A Fantastic Reality

Who doesn’t want to possess youthfulness for life? Rasayana rejuvenation treatment can get you right there!

The concept of anti-aging and eternal youth has been present in civilizations for thousands of years.

Are you familiar with the story of Rishi Chyavana? Let me reveal the tale..

In Hindu mythology, Chyavana was an old, unattractive, blind sage who was married to the princess Sukanya. To express his love for his wife, Chyavana bathed in the mystical lake of Siddha-Kunda and emerged young and spotless.

Whilst the idea of a fountain of youth may seem magical and almost absurd in the 21st century, it is possible to at least maintain your present youth to a certain extent.

Early Indian philosophers and scientists have researched Rasayana for centuries, a field of ayurvedic medicine that is devoted to prolong lifespan and strengthening your body’s well-being.

The Concept Behind Rasayana

Coming from a merger of two Sanskrit words, the literal meaning of Rasayana is Path (Ayana) of essence (Rasa).

The Rasayana Rejuvenation is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that stimulates your Pranic-Nadis and Marma points to improve your body’s metabolism, immunity, and vitality.

You might now be thinking what exactly are Pranic-Nadis and Marma points?, and how do they perform to vitalise the energy in your body?.

In Indian philosophy, it is assumed that all objects, including inanimate ones, have some form of life force pervading through them. This “life force” is termed Prana, a vast array of energy that is present in all matter, both living and non-living.

Prana needs a medium to flow through the objects, and Nadis are referred to as the channels through which Prana flows. Marma points, also often called Chakra points, are energy points all over the body where body tissues connect and allow Prana to flow through them.

According to the Hindu philosophy, when the flow of Prana is resisted or expended in your body, diseases and maladies occur. Just like how modern medicine suggests that blockages in the heart can affect the flow of blood within the body, blockages within the body can also hinder the flow of Prana.

Rasayana Rejuvenation aims to Remove These Blockages and so Revitalize Your Body Just as Good as New!

Why Rasayana Can Help You?

While Rasayana does not exactly promise to expand your lifespan, it can help in enhancing the quality of your life, delay aging, and make you feel fresher and more youthful.

The idea behind Rasayana rejuvenation is to control our lifestyle, behaviour, food, and the air we consume, ensuring that they are full of prana. Only then can you get the best out of a Rasayana rejuvenation therapy.

Rasayana rejuvenation exhibits many benefits.

The most important one is perhaps the one theme on which the entire philosophy is based: the feeling of youth and energy. Rasayana can help you revitalise your body so that it is full of energy and free from fatigue.

As mentioned, Rasayana removes blockages in the Pranic channels, and therefore improves the circulation of Prana through your body. Rasayana aims to strengthen your body and your mind – giving you a serene sensation and a feeling of being at peace.

Rasayana therapy plays many other roles in the process of regaining your youth.

  • Rasayana amplifies the power of your sense organs,
  • enhances your sexual organs and
  • replenishes your skin glow.
  • Rasayana improves your sleep, memory, appetite, and concentration, and
  • immunises your body to common ailments.

Who Is Rasayana For?

Rasayana rejuvenation does not discriminate. Rasayana therapy varies depending on the specific needs and Prakruti (constitution) of the individual.

Rasayana Rejuvenating Treatment is of two types; there are longer programs to treat an illness or alleviate a disease and there is also a shorter program for healthy individuals to maintain their health. This latter program can also be for people suffering from mental or emotional issues such as work stress, insomnia, lack of concentration, faltering memory, lack of enthusiasm etc.

As long as You are under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician, Rasayana therapy can be administered to anyone – regardless of age, gender, race or any other attributes.

What Rasayana Therapy Does

Rasayana Rejuvenation helps us build immunity and enhances our body and mind in many ways – so far so good!

But what exactly constitutes Rasayana therapy?

What processes does it involve?

There are many activities in proper Rasayana rejuvenation therapy, depending on the needs of an individual. The following are the most common:

Kayakalpa Chikitsa, is the total renovation of the body. The treatment to immunize the body and extend lifespan, is a method that is used to hinder the degeneration of body cells and stimulate the body’s immune system.

Sweda Karma, which helps in improving the skin tones of the body and relieving the body from pain. Generally, if you participate in Sweda Karma, you would be given a steamed bath and a massage consisting of many herbal oils which helps with the stimulation of muscles and enhancement of blood circulation.

Before initiating the Rasayana program it is advisable to receive Panchakarma detoxification treatment. Panchakarma is concerned with the overall cleansing of the body. The practice of Panchakarma is a five fold process that rejuvenates your body, breathing, organs, and mind and refreshes the blood.

Rasayana is also concerned with the stability and balance of the mind as much as the body. Therefore, Rasayana therapy uses techniques such as Meditation and Yoga. Through the disciplined practice of improving posture, breathing, senses, and concentration – it aims to develop your mental and physical well-being.

There are some other aspects of Rasayana therapy as well. Some treatments prescribe the use of herbal ailments to maintain the ideal body weight and minimize obesity.

The therapy is also concerned with beauty, and so herbal face packs and massages are also provided in some cases to make your body shine and glow.

Some herbs used in Ayurveda Rasayana are Ashwagandha, Triphala, Haritaki and Amalaki.

Life in an Ashram: The Rasayana Rejuvenation Program

The best way for you to receive Rasayana rejuvenation therapy would be by joining an ashram. Ashrams have specific programs that delve into the Rasayana rejuvenation therapy for a general person, although the programs may differ from ashram to ashram.

Generally, in a Rasayana rejuvenation program in an ashram, you will be able to receive: therapy sessions, consultation with Ayurvedic doctors, yoga and breathing sessions and mantra chants.

The programs also include full-body massages that aim to stimulate sweat glands of the body and cleanse your body. You’ll also receive daily doses of oral herbal medication and a full-on Ayurvedic diet, which is also part of the Rasayana rejuvenation therapy. This is all as prescribed and monitored by your own personal ayurvedic doctor.

The Take Away After a Rasayana Rejuvenation Treatment

Whilst Rasayana rejuvenation therapy may seem fantastic and fairytale like, it is very much a reality.

Indian Ayurvedic scholars and physicians have spent years and years trying to perfect the science behind it. The use of herbal medicine and physical treatments can do wonders to your bodily and mental health, and allow you to enjoy a much more pleasant quality of life.


8 thoughts on “Rasayana Rejuvenation Treatment | A Fantastic Reality

  1. First of all, many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article .I definitely want to be young in my life .RASAYANA REJUVENATION TREATMENT is so important .Ayurvedic has played a very important role in strengthening my longevity and body health .Revitalizing chemistry is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that stimulates my body’s metabolism, immunity, and vitality. Rasayana rejuvenation has helped raise my standard of living, delay aging and make me younger and younger. Also I found out more about the unknown information through your article and I gained a lot of knowledge about Rasayana Rejuvenating Treatment .Your article is really informative and instructive .

    Finally, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will gain important knowledge about Rasayana Rejuvenating Treatment and will definitely share with you their new experience. May I share your article on my social media?

    1. Hi Shanta, thank you for sharing your experience with Ayurveda and please do share the article. Have a nice day! 

  2. Oh wow how have I not heard of this kind of treatment before! I am definitely always up for new treatments – I’ve currently only done gong mediation with my Mum, which we actually really enjoyed! Definitely a different experience, but very addictive haha

    Rasayana sounds quite different though, especailly how it has so many health benefits, this is definitely something I would love to try – do you know of any places that offer this treatment in or around London?

    1. Hi Kelly, there´s  https://www.essentialayurveda.co.uk/  who organise retreats. I buy products from them as they have good quality ayurvedic products (oils etc.). Once I had also enquired about their retreats, and after decided to go to an ayurvedic resort in India & Sri Lanka, as I love Asia, but they should be good. 

      You can give them a call and get more information. 

  3. I have done meditation with idea of energy flowing to and through my Chakra areas but this is the first I have heard of Pranic-Nadis and Marma points.  I really believe in the healing powers of working with these areas and I appreciate your site in explaining the power.  Very intrigued to find out more especially in the rejuvenation and enhancement of the sexual organs :).  Though it is probably self-evident, but are men able to benefit as well?  Just asking since the site says for women.

    1. Hi Robert, the treatments are natural and everyone can benefit from Rasayana and ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments, besides, you are always being monitored by a personal doctor as they recommend what is best for you according to your health situation. 

      I´ve been on an ayurveda program twice and there is so much to gain health wise. During my stays I met people who do rejuvenation and /or Rasayana every year or couple of years. 

      Thank you for writing.  

  4. Rasayana Rejuvenation takes care of youthfulness and delays aging, so amazing. Thanks so much for this information Marisa. I believe there are no side effects on these awesome products and they are circulated worldwide and not only in  India. I look at my mirror many times and I will not cease to make use of these products if I find them.
    I also enjoyed the simplicity of your site.

    1. Hi, thank you for your kind words. I like to keep it simple and to the point. 

      Rasayana is a retreat like program and Ayurvedic doctors recommend various types of herbs depending on your constitution. It is quite amazing and powerful. 

      You may wish to read about some of the herbs used and where to find them here. The products are natural and if you do not suffer from any disease, you can try them. However, it is always recommended to have a chat with an Ayurvedic doctor first, so to make sure you are having the right herb for you. Thank you for writing and have a nice day.

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