Best Manuka Honey Face Products

Best Manuka Honey Face Products


I have been a huge fan of Manuka honey since I discovered it in New Zealand, and I already wrote about its benefits; YOU can read the information here. Today I will share a selection of Best Manuka honey face products which you can use to obtain a more hydrated and glowing skin.

Manuka Honey for Skin Care

Manuka honey is rich in minerals and vitamins and is also antioxidant and helps recover the moisture of your skin.


Manuka honey also has anti-inflammatory properties and makes it beneficial for problem skin. Manuka honey does not only nourish, it also heals.

All these benefits make Manuka honey a perfect ingredient in cosmetics as it serves so beauty products are gentle on your skin.

I dared a few times and drizzled raw manuka honey directly from the jar onto my face and also on my hair. The results are pretty good, however I have to admit it can be a bit messy, though tasting the honey when it trickles on your fingers or comes close to your lips is not bad at all, yummy!

Certainly, you should not use any of these products if you are allergic to honey.

I hope you like the selection and please feel free to share your comment or experience on any of the products listed.

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#1. Pure Source Manuka Honey Night Cream

Moisturise and hydrate your skin while sleeping. When applying the Pure Source Manuka Honey Night Cream you are giving your skin that extra aid to repair and recover from the daily external aggressions of pollution and harsh weather that the skin absorbs during the day.

Pure Source is a New Zealand brand using pure New Zealand spring water and in its ingredients includes Vitamin A & Vitamin B5, as well as Sunflower Seed oil and Rosemary leaf extract.

This cream is ideal for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
Use: At night after cleaning your face and you will notice how your skin feels different in the morning.

No wonder the product has such great reviews and everyone speaks highly of it after achieving good results.

#2. Wild Ferns Lanolin, Manuka Honey, and Royal Jelly Night Cream

When using Wild Ferns Lanolin, Manuka Honey, and Royal Jelly Night Cream you are in for a skin-deep facial night treatment.

The combination of ingredients like Lanolin, Royal Jelly and Manuka honey, all have many properties that benefit your skin and replenishes your tissues as you sleep. The result is soft, supple and moisturised skin, whilst smoothing your fine lines.

This product is full of natural ingredients and reflects the purity and natural beauty of New Zealand, where it is manufactured.

Use: nightly for great results and a wonderful experience every time you use it. You will soon see results and will be complimented for your radiant skin by the people surrounding you.  

The Wild Ferns Lanolin, Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Night Cream is a luxurious cream ideal for all skin types, especially for dry to normal skin.

#3. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Deep cleansing, hydrating, calming, soothing, antiseptic, and reduces mild acne and red skin conditions. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is also great for anti-ageing and fine lines as it promotes regeneration of skin cells that results in a soft, youthful look.

Antipodes is a brand from New Zealand who extracts the ingredients for the skincare range from sustainable harvesting of plants and trees of the Pure New Zealand wilderness.

Antipodes offer quality products that are natural, pure and safe to use and are above all environmentally friendly.

The rich ingredients include Manuka honey, Pohutukawa extract, and vanilla pod.

Use: Extend the cream over your face twice weekly and leave in for 15min, then rinse with slightly warm water.

The Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask is suitable for all skin conditions, especially skins prone to blemishes and spots.

#4. Pure Source Rotorua Mud and Manuka Honey Facial Mask

Rotorua is known for its natural therapeutic geothermal hot springs. The mud is rich in vitamins and minerals and the combination with Manuka honey has a lot of benefits for your skin as it is relaxing and removes the impurities and restores moisture.

A Rich Collection of Natural Ingredients

Besides Rotorua Thermal Mud and active Manuka honey the mask includes other natural plants extracts and oils; aloe vera, sweet almond oil, VitaminE, seaweed and spirulina extract, rosemary and sunflower seed oil.

Use: once weekly on damp skin and when it dries, remove with warm water.

The mask is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin and it is deep cleansing, hydrating, refreshing and soothing at the same time.

#5. Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Serum with Active Manuka Honey

Nourish the deeper levels and tighten up your skin with the Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Serum with Active Manuka Honey.

The precious nutrients in bee venom enhance your skin circulation and increase collagen and elasticity whilst Manuka honey, with its antibacterial properties will bring out the moisture.

This is a balancing combination that supports the natural wellbeing of your skin.

Some claim to feel a tightening sensation when applied due to the bee sting. It is a MUST DO patch test before using as you may be allergic to bee venom.

Use: Up to 4 times a week or even daily if you are not allergic. Avoid eye area. The pump makes it convenient and economical to use.

If you have no skin reaction, then you can claim you have found your life partner for a younger looking complexion.

#6. Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

A rescue cream that you may apply to your face, as and when required.

Rejuvenating and nourishing, Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream has natural ingredients with properties that enhance a healthier and supple looking skin. Some of the ingredients include Aloe leaf juice, active Manuka honey, Musk rose and Sweet almond.

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream is ideal for all skin types, above all sensitive, dry and irritated skin type. The cream is also suitable as after sun care treatment.

Use: Keep it in your bag and apply regularly when on the go.

#7. Alpine Silk Anti-Ageing Moisture Trio

Rejuvenate your skin and restore the damaged cells from environmental stress with this Anti-Ageing Alpine Silk Moisture Trio Pack.

The pack includes a Manuka honey nourishing anti-ageing day cream with SFP30, a Manuka honey nourishing anti-ageing night cream, and Anti-ageing eye cream. All 3 products are having lanolin, placenta and Manuka honey as common ingredients.

This is a luxurious collection for your skin care routine

Lanolin is sourced from the wool of the worlds famous Merino Sheep were more than 3 million are reared in New Zealand. Lanolin protects the sheep from the harsh weather and it is remarkable for the hydration of your skin.

Alpine Silk is a New Zealand brand that embraces the all natural and sustainable way to obtain the best natural skincare range. 

Use: the combined product day and night for a 24hr moisture balance and to boost firmness that makes your skin radiant and looking younger.


15 thoughts on “Best Manuka Honey Face Products

  1. Nice, this face cream will be great for my very oily face skin. Yes I am not a girl but I can care for my skin thank you. I have dry and oily skin on my face and reading about these products on this article is actually good for me because this is what I need to resolve this problem. I am okay with your explanation of how each item works and how it can help me attain a glowing skin. My boo will Alayne very pleased when I gather this article and she learns about these amazing products. 

    1. Hi, natural creams and oils are good for everyone and also perfect for combination skin, as the majority of products are okay for all skin types. Glad you liked the products and thank you for writing. 

  2. I have been looking for something that can work on my dry, flaky skin like a mask.  I have no idea which products to use.  You seem to know a lot about these products from the article I read and happy I found someone with so much knowledge.  May I ask which you prefer for flaky and dry skin regarding the mask or mud?  Antipodes Mask or the Rotoria Mud.  Which do you think would work better for my issues?  I really appreciate all the information on your site and now have narrowed it down to two.  Thank you and look forward to your thoughts.

    1. Hi Dorri, both products are good but if you have flaky skin I´d go for the Antipodes as the Roturua mud is more for deep cleansing and detox. Also if you are not used to mud it can dry up your face a little when using it, although you can always apply a moisturiser after. 

      Let me know how it goes. Thank you for writing. 

  3. I love the way you describe the product just squirted on you and into your hair.  I can imagine the luxury and fun.  Honey has been used for millennia for treating all kinds of conditions so I can only think how good it would be for your skin and hair, too.  I especially liked the Wild Ferns Lanolin, Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Night Cream as I’m sure it would be extremely softening to the skin.

    1. Hi, I agree, the Wild Ferns Lanolin, Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Night Cream is a lovely product with some great ingredients in it. I love testing raw products on myself and see what comes out, and honey is a staple food for me. Thank you for writing.

  4. I love everything related to honey. I take bee pollen for my allergy, I eat honey with my cheese and I also eat and do a mask of Royal Jelly for health benefit and I even take some of the Manuka honey too 🙂 However, I need some practicalities in my life this is why these facial lotions come in handy 🙂 Thank you so much for your review! Wild Ferns Lanolin, Manuka Honey, and Royal Jelly Night Cream a try because it has royal jelly in it 🙂 I love how my skin is after I apply royal jelly 🙂 

    1. Hi, many thanks for sharing your experience in using Royal Jelly. I am of the same opinion, I love to use raw products for when I can dedicate more time to my beauty rituals; however I also want to have my natural creams handy to use on a daily basis. the Wild Ferns Lanolin, Manuka Honey, and Royal Jelly Night Cream is a favourite of many. I´m sure you will like it. Good day. 

  5. Hi, Marissa,

    Thank you for your presentation of these products.

    It seems like may of the creams that are beneficial have a moisturizing component to them. I know that dry, cracked skin can be quite uncomfortable.

    Over time, the lack of moisture can contribute to that dryness.

    One of the things I have begun to notice in recent years is that of dark spots occurring where there had been no previous problem. Many of the products that are reported to help with this condition dcontain statements about the moisturizing properties they include.

    I see that you have personal experience with some of these. I would be interested to hear what others say also.


    1. Hi Randy, I believe you are referring to pigmentation that comes along after sun exposure and with ageing, since you mention you never suffered of acne. Manuka honey is perfect to lighten the dark spots. Try using the Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream, as it is safe to use frequently.  Thank you for writing and have a nice day. 

  6. Hello Marisa,
    Thank you for this review, I have heard of the highly medicinal Maruka honey and its effect on cough and other intestinal issues, now I Know again it works on the skin. I will go with the antipodes Aura Manuka, like you pointed out it has a deep cleansing ability and it is also anti-ageing.

  7. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your articles, especially the ones about breathing techniques. I do my exercise yoga every morning and I forget to add the breathing technique. I tried the Anuloma Viloma Pranayam. Your article about Manuka honey and the products caught my eye, I have never heard about Manuka honey. I am always on the search for natural and organic products. The beauty industry is poorly monitored that is they can use words like green, natural organic without having to prove anything hence I am always on the search and read a lot.  I did not know Rose water can be used for the treatment of dry eyes, I use it to refresh in the summer and spray it on my face and neck. You have good tips, advice, and solution on quite a few topics that blend together making the reader want to know more. Thank you.  I will surely continue visiting your very well informative site. 

    1. Hi Patricia, many thanks for writing and I am glad you like the information. I suggest you include breathing with your yoga exercise as you will find them so beneficial. When I´m short of time I prefer doing only breathing, as I find it relaxes you and gives you energy at the same time. Have a great day.

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