Hi everyone and a big welcome to My Best Essentials – Beauty & Wellness.


My Best Essentials is about sharing experiences and research of natural ways on how to preserve youth through self care and self love.

It is essential to reach out for the well being resources known as treats to defy ageing gradually.

This blog will provide you with as many effective natural remedies available in this new century 2020, so that you are able to try things, and select the one treatment or more that suits you best.

Keeping healthy and in shape is the way to go.

Ps. Even though the content is addressed to women, as I am a woman and test things on myself; however, men can also benefit from basically every recommendation mentioned here in My Best Essentials.

My Initial Interest

Since a long time I have been a fan of natural products, being food related, when choosing beauty and body care products for my personal use and also when it comes to healing and choosing therapeutic products.

During my travels around the world and when living in countries on different continents, as well as with my constant research and studies, I have come across many interesting topics related to wellness, natural beauty care and self-development.

I usually take note of any new topic that attracts my attention and then do some research, and when I´m settled in one country, this is when I start digging into the subject to find courses, then get involved and learn more.

So Why And What Are My Essentials

I’m now almost 50 and in perimenopausal hormonal stage, Ehm! Er! Grrr! (NO, it is actually not that bad if you DO TAKE GOOD CARE of YOURSELF).

Okay , so just when the body is starting to beg for maintenance, I now find it is the perfect timing to start reaping the benefits of my knowledge and information gathered on how to take care of myself the right and natural way. Hence organising my list of best essentials and sharing details in this blog.

From Ayurveda rejuvenation and anti stress program in Sri Lanka and India, to starting to use most of the spices after visiting India, after taking massage courses in Spain, in India and in Malta, tried and practised many body mind holistic techniques like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi etc. in various countries, AND besides discovering the miraculous healing Manuka honey when in New Zealand; all this and many more natural products that I find and use is what I wish to share with you all.

Everyone Should find that Perfect Treat

There is no perfect practice or natural product for everybody and not all the natural ways work the same for everyone. It is a matter of getting to know your body, try things out and see how you feel after a treatment or a treat, what benefits you get out of it, and what frequency fits you best.

The Best Way is to Try Things Out

I really hope you will find the information within useful. I am very keen to share with you the information and benefits of the beauty and wellness products I know about, or that I have tried and worked for me.

Sharing is Caring

However, it will be great if you can also share your experiences, whether you have used any of the products mentioned in this blog, been on any of the health, beauty and/or wellness programs, read any interesting related book or maybe discovered that perfect new relaxation technique.

I would like this to be a community, where we can all help each other by sharing our own personal experiences. There´s constantly heaps of new own Best Essentials to discover!

You can write in the below comments section, else send an email to marisa@mybestessentials.com

Always keep healthy and happy,


MyBestEssentials.com – Beauty & Wellness


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Very well thought out lucid, professional put together website. I got to hand it to ya, you definitely know what you’re talking about! If not you sure do have such a well put together website you sure could’ve fooled me. My Best Essentials is an easy well addressed navigational friendly website. So easy to understand and the colors are perfect! As soon as your website popped up I immediately went into a state of bliss and relaxation. So tell me what kind of organic substances are you involved with as I too am in my mid to late 40’s and it’s definitely time to listen to my body as it speaks to me?

    1. Hi Shaun, many thanks for your kind words. I´m into lots of relaxing techniques like yoga and pilates. I have also tried many different massage techniques and try going for a massage regularly. Just been this morning in fact. Besides I believe in natural healing and I use different spices like turmeric and ginger, and other products like garlic and honey for colds etc.. I tend to try things and see what goes best for me. Take care and keep well. Marisa

  2. I agree with Shaun, when I landed on your site it was blissful, and loving the colors and image.

    I look forward to having the time to read through more of it.

    I to am into natural healing, my body is benefiting from it greatly. My body is getting
    rid of cancer. I put good food in it and do good things for it and my body takes care of me.

    Went from Stage 2 cancer to stage 1 so far without surgery, chemo or radiation and all
    my vitals have drastically improved since I went vegan 2 years ago! Wow can’t believe it
    has been 2 years already.

    Thanks for a beautiful site, look forward to learning much from you and to be reminded
    to keep being good to me!

    1. Hi Cindy, thank you so much, that is so nice of you. I admire you for being strong and making big progress on your health in a natural way. You should also look into Ayurveda. I have learnt a lot from it and you realise that we really are what we eat. Keep loving and pampering yourself.

      1. Hi Marisa,

        I had heard about Ayurveda, and I found a doctor near me that
        practiced it. But he would not take my insurance. Bad news!

        But I do it without their input anyways. Less stressful that way.
        Not crazy about the medical establishments.

  3. Hey Marisa,
    I love the website very colourful and appealing. Manuka honey is big business I use it for all sorts on this I even have it in my shampoo to help with my scalp as I have a bad scalp and it is the only thing that seems to clear it properly. Looking forward to seeing this website evolve some more.

    1. Hi Lee, Thank you for your nice words. I have used samples of Manuka products but not for a long time. Sometimes I do apply Manuka honey directly on the face, mixed with some water and it does feel nice on the skin. Cheers!

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