Resources and Tools for Online Marketers

Resources and Tools for Online Marketers

Welcome to my Recommendation Page.

The following are the tools I use to build up and succeed in my online business. Have a look and see if any can be of assistance to you. Feel free to bookmark the page for future reference.

The idea is to share the resources and tools that I use to make your life easier.

Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links from which I receive a small compensation from sales. Please note this is at no extra cost to you. Keep in mind that I have thorough experience with each and every one of the following tools & websites, and I am only recommending them because they have helped me succeed in my business, and are incredibly useful. Don’t spend your money on any products or resources unless you think they will make your life a bit easier.

1. Wealthy Affiliate – A Platform for Affiliate Marketers

I had been researching for a while, trying to figure out where to start learning about affiliate marketing, until I came across Wealthy Affiliate, and that´s where my online journey began.


I was after a system where you can learn and take action at the same time. I signed up FOR FREE with Wealthy Affiliate and a week later I was positive I wanted to join as a Premium member to continue learning and building my website.

This is after I had completed the initial FREE TRAINING of 10 lessons and CREATED MY OWN FREE WEBSITE. At this stage, I was so hyped up, I just wanted to have access to the full training of 5 courses and 50 lessons and continue learning. I am now a YEARLY PREMIUM MEMBER.

Since then, I have learned a lot in a short time, and proud to say, at no point, did I regret rushing into upgrading to Premium. I immediately realized it is hard work and this is NOT A MAKE MONEY QUICK scheme. In my opinion, opting for yearly membership is a wise decision as it turns out quite affordable.

TIP: Watch out for Black Friday great offers

Wealthy Affiliate platform and community: Besides having many active and helpful members, free and secure website hosting, and you can create up to 10 websites of your own, there is also – AND TO ME THE MOST IMPORTANT – instant site support and GLAD TO CONFIRM from experience, they are a very efficient team 24/7.

Merely for this technical support, I, myself, am happy to pay the yearly membership.

Why Am I saying this? If any of you have experienced contracting site technical help, you must know the money that is charged for the service. At Wealthy Affiliate, you have support 24 hours as it is a worldwide community.

With the FREE MEMBERSHIP, you have access to the first 10 lessons and you can also create up to TWO FREE WEBSITES.

Feel free to contact me with any query about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate Platform by sending an email to

2. Jaaxy – Keyword Research Tool for Affiliate Marketers

Jaaxy is a great tool that can save you time and gives you keyword ideas for your articles, SEO & PPC through brainstorming. I have been using Jaaxy for a while and I also had posts and keywords ranked within 24-72 hours on Page 1 on Google. You can sign up for free and you can research up to 30 WORDS FOR FREE.

Do a Search for YOUR OWN Keyword here

3. ShareASale – Affiliate Marketing Network for Affiliates & Merchants

ShareASale hosts a whole bunch of affiliate programs within its network. Signing up with ShareASale is as easy as filling in and submitting a form online from their website. They will get back to you a few days later.

Once you have your sign-on you can start browsing for merchants registered with ShareASale, who have products related to your niche and that you are happy to promote.

You do have to be approved by each and every one of these merchants; however, you can do this from the ShareASale Network itself.

You can write them a note as follows;

I am an affiliate marketer and I plan to promote your products on my website and also on social media.

The merchant will then send you approval and you can start using the affiliate links, banners, and offers related to their products, link them to your content on your blog and start making money.

If you are a Merchant and would like to be one of the providers at ShareASale, then you would have to contact them as I have no experience with that myself.

4. Amazon – Affiliate Program

Perhaps one of the most popular in the world, Amazon is a well-known affiliate program with affiliate marketers. Amazon offers a wide range of products and the program is advanced. Once you are given access to the affiliate area, it is easy to locate links to the products, pages and offers, banners, and many more.

CAUTION. Be aware that if you are accepted as an affiliate, Amazon expects you to make at least 3 sales within 180 days, so please consider this if you are a beginner and just starting your journey in affiliate marketing. Make sure to have some content and traffic on your site before applying.

Their approval is nearly instant and it is also possible to reapply should your account be withdrawn if you do not manage the minimum sales in the stipulated days.

If you do not have an AMAZON account yet, you can subscribe by clicking on the image below.

If you are an Amazon seller, you may find customized packaging useful for your small business.

5. WordPress – The Powerful Software for Your Online Business

WordPress is a powerful platform where you can build your blog, website, or online store.

You can create, publish and share your ideas as a blogger,

You can promote your business and develop an attractive website,

You can establish your eCommerce shop with WooCommerce and promote and sell your products online.


This is all possible when using WordPress software and installing it onto your own domain. Besides, WordPress is easy and simple to learn and offers 24/7 support service.

6. Auto Responder

This video will introduce you to AWeber Free. Yes, AWeber is free to join and test for yourself.

How awesome is that!

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

And this is what you can do with AWeber:

And you don´t even have to think about what to write. You are provided with premade templates.

7. Outsourcing Work

Do you need a designer to create an eyecatching logo, a writer for your blog content, or help with social media marketing?

Don´t get overwhelmed with work.

Fiverr has got you covered.

Subscribe for free and browse for VAs (virtual assistants).

8. WebsitePolicies – The Legal Documents

If you are just starting or already have your online business, you may be aware of the importance of having the correct disclaimer, policies, and conditions included on your website.

To make sure you have all the legal requirements and rules in place you may need some professional advice.

If you need help to create a custom-made disclaimer and you do not have time to look into all the legal jargon to put it together, I recommend you go to the experts; At WebsitePolicies you can generate your online disclaimer in minutes.