Ayurveda and Rejuvenation – The Experience

Ayurveda and Rejuvenation – The Experience


Ayurveda, meaning the science of life, is the traditional medicine and the age-old natural curing system of India. It treats the body, mind and spirit through proper diet, medication and care. Continue reading to discover Ayurveda and Rejuvenation – the experience.

What is Ayurveda? The Basic Principles

Ayurveda is made up of two Sanskrit words, Ayu, that means life and Veda, which is Knowledge. So it is all about the knowledge of life, based on the observation on human nature.

The study of Ayurveda has many branches and the purpose is to primarily preserve and prolong a happier and healthier lifestyle, besides the prevention and cure of many diseases.

There are three forces acting in our bodies known as Tridosha. These are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha, explained below;

Vata reflects in our nervous system and is in control of our voluntary and involuntary body movements and mind activity. Vata is composed of the basic elements of nature being air and space.

Pitta mirrors in our digestive system and regulates our body temperature. Pitta is composed of the basic nature´s forces being fire and water.

Kapha is the stability of our body mass and joints, and also reflects in our emotions. Kapha is composed of the basic elements of nature being water and earth.

Each of us is born with a set constitution of doshas or a set body type that regulates the functions in our body. A person usually has one or two doshas that are dominant. Our body type does not change throughout our life but the course of life does and it may alter these doshas.

When the doshas are out of balance then diseases are caused. Doshas are altered by stress, hectic life style, unhealthy diet, pollution, lack of exercise and similar factors.

Ayurveda treats the imbalanced dosha to reinstate the body´s strength and functionality.

A Typical Rejuvenation Program – What to Expect

ayurveda and rejuvenation -abhyanga_massage

The program can be focused on slimming, stress management, beauty care, anti aging, detox or body purification, according to your needs.

The Resort Experience

  • Expect a warm welcome by the friendly and caring staff members.
  • A general medical consultation is usually conducted with one of the ayurveda doctors.
  • Your personal treatment is agreed with the doctor to achieve the desired results.
  • Also a personal ayurvedic diet plan (usually vegetarian) is recommended and fulfilled during your stay.
  • Various treatments are scheduled depending on your condition.
  • Many massages, beauty and care sessions are included in your program.
  • Classes of yoga and meditation are held frequently if you wish to participate.
  • Talks and workshops, related to ayurveda and your well-being are held every day.
  • Optional cultural and recreational activities are available to organise with the resort.
  • All foods are included and there´s plenty of it and is very healthy.

My Experience on an Ayurveda Rejuvenation Program

During my travels in India I had discovered Ayurveda and I have been to various clinics for massages. Later on, work related, I visited various Ayurveda resorts and also got the opportunity to spend a couple of days on a program.

A year ago I decided to go on a full program to check it out, and here is my story.

On arrival, I couldn’t be more astounded when seeing the lovely and peaceful environment that enclosed the whole resort. It had an Asian village type set up with little cottages scattered around a nice and well-kept pool, surrounded by the ocean and a golden sandy beach that stretches miles along the shore. WAW!

After checking in, I was given a little time to rest and after I headed to the spa treatment area for the first consultation with the doctor who is designated to you during your stay to monitor your progress. During the initial session we spoke about my expectations from this program and of any health issues. Then a series of treatments is programmed for you.

The next step is to schedule my treatments at reception. I was able to organise my visits in the mornings so then I will have the afternoons free to enjoy the beach, the pool and also join some excursions in the area.

So I was all set and ready to start.

Daily routine: Waking up at 0530am for a yoga session. Please note I am no early riser, but it was very easy over there to rise and shine when what you get to listen to in the morning is peacefulness all around you and the only sound of nature; birds chirping, ocean waves lapping, rustling leaves of the huge coconut trees along with a beautiful sun shining in your terrace.

At meal times: You are given your own table all set with your name and any doctor´s recommendation (for privacy sake this is written in the local language). However, you can change table especially if you are alone, or if you make friends and would like to join them. During breakfast and tea time you are free to sit inside at the restaurant or outside in the lovely and immaculate garden.

The food: Simply delicious. An array of labelled dishes (that include all six tastes well-known in Ayurveda; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent), all freshly made and beautifully set up in the main restaurant, waiting to be devoured by the guests. Fresh fruit and vegetables are served, but no meat or alcohol. And a big NO to coffee, as it is not allowed during the treatment.

A typical Menu at the Ayurveda Resort

ayurveda and rejuvenation-ayurveda_menu

My daily therapy: Acupuncture for half an hour to start it off. I was told that acupuncture is not part of Ayurveda but they include it as people like it. This was followed by a synchronised (with four hands) full body medicinal oil massage (decocted herbs) that lasts for an hour and a half. Just imagine that !! I have no words to describe the exact feeling. The massage is performed by the same two therapists that are assigned to you during your stay.

In between: There were yoga sessions three times a day, talks, workshops, walks in the resort garden to learn about the plants that are commonly used in the preparation of oils. They also show movies on a big screen in the evenings. Ah! and there’s smoothie time during tea time including delicious exotic fruit juices and freshly home made biscuits.

The Result

A truly holistic experience with immediate results and you will feel good for many days or months to come.

Where Can I Go for A Rejuvenation Program

Ideally one travels to Asia and go to one of the authentic and dedicated Ayurveda Resorts in South India or Sri Lanka. It is also said that monsoon season is the best time for a treatment as your pores are open with the humidity and your skin is more receptive to all the oils.

Alternatively there are very good spas and centers throughout the world that offer complete rejuvenation treatments and massages. Ideally the program should last from 10-15 days to be able to achieve good results.

I hope you liked this information and would love to hear from you if you know about Ayurveda or if you ever get lucky to be on one of the programs. Share your story.

Should you wish to discover more about Ayurveda & how it works;


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10 thoughts on “Ayurveda and Rejuvenation – The Experience

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience visiting and ayurveda Resort. That’s interesting that they give you all six different types of flavors. What are some examples of pungent or astringent Foods? I had never heard of those kinds of foods.
    I like how there is no coffee during the treatment. Do the ayurvedic medicine practitioners generally say not to drink coffee or caffeine?
    How have things been returning to your day-to-day life? How long do the effects of the rezort seem to last? Thanks! Visiting an ayurveda Resort is something I would definitely like to try in my life.

    1. Hi Edward, most welcome. I am very surprised that many people haven´t heard of Ayurveda and so happy to share the benefits I experienced. It is very difficult to implement what they suggest to you according to your body type or dosha when you are back home. Can´t compare the lifestyle between India and Spain, there´s a huge difference. However you do tend to apply things you have seen and learnt during the program. The affects depend on how was your health situation before you went. I had no health issues, apart from everyday stress, but still appreciate the whole experience as it is totally relaxing, body and mind. Pungent food type is ginger, turmeric or cardamom and astringent you have artichokes, asparagus, pomegranate. Hope this helps. Take care. Marisa

  2. Thisnis really wonderful. I have only heard of acupuncture and all that but I haven’t heard of this. So many times I get all tired and feel pain all over my body after a long day work and this goes on an only. I’m actually getting fed up of using medication (drugs)  because some of them has serious side effects on me. I’d love to try this Ayurveda and see how good it works. How can I meet with I expert, I doubt  I can find any around where I live

    1. Hi Dane, I would recommend digging into ayurveda and read more about it. It is very interesting and having been on a program myself I can tell you there are many health benefits. The oils and herbs they use are all healing and work wonders especially on tired body tissues. Depending where you live you have to do some research or else give yourself a treat and go to India or Sri Lanka. Your health is important. Thank you for writing. Marisa

  3. Wow, excellent article on the Ayurveda and rejuvenation. It was indeed interesting to read a lot about the experience here and it is looking rather tantalizing to me, I must say. But then, reading about your experience with it, that seems like a worthy place to have a personal time while engaging in rejuvenating activities. It is great to see and would definitely be worthy of exploring by me. Thanks

    1. Hi Roland, thank you for your kind words. The treatment is definitely worth it. You do it for your good health and it is certainly very pampering. I was spoilt so much that by day 7 I felt like I am in such a good shape that I do not require any more massage. I totally recommend it though. Take care. Marisa

  4. Hi! I have been researching about ayurveda and it’s a very interesting topic. Most believe ayurveda originated in prehistoric times. And reading about your experience has given me a glimpse into the practice of these ancestral treatments. 

    I know the Parliament of India has been actively standardizing qualifications for ayurveda practitioners and providing accredited institutions. And this has made me come up with a question: During your time in India, what was your impression of the percentage of people that use some form of traditional medicine (ayurveda included)?  Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Henry, Though many Indians in the present days use conventional medicine as they become more Westernised so to say, I think a big percentage still prefer traditional medicine and ayurveda is huge in India. There are many hospitals, clinics and resorts with highly qualified doctors. Many Indians practice ayurveda as a prevention. Ayurveda is indeed a way of living and in India it is applied in their everyday life as is cooking with turmeric for example which has antibiotic properties. I hope I have answered your question. Thanks and take care. Marisa 

  5. I love discussions that are based on spirituality. I enjoyed this article, it is rich for enlightenment. I have never experienced Ayurveda but going by your explanations on Tridosha, everybody has the 5 forces of nature in them. That is awesome.

    This is a very precious and adorable curing system and tradition. But wait a minute, you had acupunture carried out on you? I can’t imagine how that will feel on me. My question is that does Ayurveda identify with the chakra systems of the body and how unblocking them can make a person healthy?

    1. Hi, am glad you liked it. Ayurveda is amazing. I´ve discovered it when in India and then I did some courses but always focused on the rejuvenation and beauty, never studies medicine (too vast and complicated). Ayurveda has a holistic approach to health and also includes yoga and meditation in their treatment and programs which all together help to balance the chakras. 

      Acupuncture is okay if you go to a good doctor and they know how to insert the needles it wont hurt. Take care. Marisa

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