10 Benefits of Using CBD Oil – For Your Skin and Good Health

10 Benefits of Using CBD Oil – For Your Skin and Good Health

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is said to have numerous anti aging and skin-nourishing properties. Read more below to discover the 10 benefits of Using CBD Oil!

Beside its intoxicating properties, the cannabis plant has many other virtues. It contains 104 chemical compounds, one of which is CBD or Cannabidiol. When CBD is diluted with coconut oil or hemp seed oil, CBD oil is produced which is a good remedy for nourishing your skin, alleviating several health conditions, and boosting anti aging procedures. Even if you’re not a fan of marijuana, don’t be alarmed! Although CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant family, it does not get you high. The intoxication property of cannabis comes from a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), whose presence is extremely low in CBD. This makes CBD oil safe to use for your skin and health and can have wondrous benefits in your body – some of which are highlighted in this text.

CBD Oil for Skin Problems

#1.Prevents Skin Aging

Skin is one of the earliest organs that are affected by aging. As you grow older, your skin starts showing signs of dullness, wrinkles, and faded tones. CBD oil can help to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. CBD oil works as an antioxidant, which means it can prevent your cells from undergoing oxidation, which is one of the prime causes of aging. It also contains fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3 which produce collagen, which is a protein essential for connecting our tissues. The production of collagen helps minimize water loss, making your skin stay fresh and shiny.

#2.Cures Acne

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when P. acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) – bacteria that lives in the hair follicles of our skin – multiply. This causes inflammations and causes red patches to appear. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties which can prevent acne triggers. Unlike many medications, CBD only target cells that are responsible for acne – making it safer to use for your skin.

#3. Soothes Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin that easily reacts to sunlight, dust or other environmental factors, CBD oil can play a key role in soothing your skin conditions. Its anti-inflammatory properties calm the skin and minimize skin sensitivity, reducing redness and reactivity. CBD also produces excess oil production from sebaceous glands, nurturing your skin naturally.

#4.Moisturises Dry Skin

Moisturisers can be a great way to tackle dry skin, but they come at a cost. Excess use of moisturisers can prevent your skin from oil production, making you depend on them more and more. On the other hand, CBD oils anti-inflammatory properties allow it to nourish and moisturise your skin dependably, without affecting your sebaceous glands.

#5.Relieves Pain from Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease that attacks healthy skin cells, causing the life cycle of skin cells to accelerate. This can cause you to have red or scaly skin. Although not contagious, this can be still irritating for sufferers. CBD oil enhances the endocannabinoid system of the body, which deals with the immune system and pain. Thus, it can help relieve pain for sufferers and reduce damage due to psoriasis.

#6.Helps with Eczema

Eczema is another form of skin disease that can cause your skin to turn red, crack or itch uncontrollably. As stated before, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties. This can be a great natural option for eczema sufferers as CBD oil relieves skin dryness and eases inflammations.

CBD Oil for Good Health

#7.Moderates Diabetes

Insulitis is a condition that destroys cells in the pancreas and increases the risk of Type 1 Diabetes, which affects many in their old age. Studies on animals have shown that CBD oil has been effective in preventing insulitis. It is also helpful for people who suffer from diabetes, as CBD oil diminishes possibilities of side-effects such as neuro-inflammation and memory loss.

#8.Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms

Old age can lead to a decline in your immune system, and one of the possible effects might be cancer. Although CBD oil is not a medication, the use of CBD can help in the reduction of cancer-related symptoms. It can also help to alleviate the side-effects of treatment in people who are undergoing cancer treatment. A study in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom tested 177 cancer patients by presenting them with CBD and THC. Those who received both CBD and THC reported in a significant decrease in pain compared to their counterparts who only received THC.

#9.Prevents Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the most vastly growing problems across the world and one that affects people of old age the most. Whilst controlled diet, lifestyle, and medication can keep your heart disease under control – CBD oil can help to relieve you. Researchers in the UK have shown that CBD prevents blood pressure fluctuations, which lowers your chances of being affected by heart disease. Cannabidiol has also proved to help in reducing artery blockage, cholesterol level and cardio response due to stress – all of which are factors that contribute to heart disease.

#10.Improves Mental Health

Whilst aging has many signs on the outside – such as wrinkles and greying of hair, it may affect you subtly on the inside too. Anxiety is one of the most common mental conditions in older adults affecting about 10-20% of the elderly population. Depression, although generally not linked with aging, can still be a side effect of medication or as a result of other health conditions or life-altering changes.

CBD oil can help in alleviating anxiety and depression amongst the older population. A research paper published in 2014 from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil reported that CBD oil has been shown to possess anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties for animal models. It could likely help in humans too, although more research needs to be done.

In Conclusion

Whether you are in support of cannabis or against it, CBD oil is legal in many countries as it has very low THC content. Due to its numerous health benefits, CBD can surely help in anti-aging and skin nourishment to give your body a youthful look. So why wait? This is the perfect time to add CBD oils to your shopping list for your next skincare routine. Read about what you have to look for when buying CBD oil.

PS. Consult your physician before taking CBD oil if you suffer from any health condition.


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  1. These all sound like great remedies. While I support the use of a natural extract like CBD, I am not sure my employer would appreciate it if it showed up in a random drug test. I have heard there are different types of CBD oils that are legal and illegal to use. Can you shed some light on the subject for the safe use of these oils for people that have to pass these random drug test through their employers?

    1. Hi  Cody, thank you for writing. Legalisation of CBD oil differs by country due to its THC content. You may wish to read further information in this article. However if CBD oil is legalised in your country I don’t see why there can be issues with random drug tests. You can always notify your employer beforehand. 

  2. I always tell people that this CBD Oil has a lot of advantages and benefits but they always seem not to believe with what I say. I am going to have to show them this post. They always argue about the highness feeling it brings to its user which is very similar to marijuana and I don’t always don’t know how to make my point when it comes to that as I don’t know much about it.

    What I am sure of is that it has a lot of benefits that have actually been known to help a lot of people.  I am glad I came across this as it definitely assures me that I have been right on the effects of CBD Oil.

    1. Hi Manuel, thank you for writing. This tends to happen with most natural and alternative medicine, some people are highly sceptical. There CBD oil boom is on the rise, and one has to be careful which brand to go for. 

  3. I love reading good articles like this that are very helpful in spreading awareness to many people, especially regarding our health and wellness. This article is very informative, providing data that are important in achieving one’s maximum health.

    – Dan White

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