Himalayan Shilajit Benefits – Unlock Nature´s Fountain of Youth and Wellness

Himalayan Shilajit Benefits – Unlock Nature´s Fountain of Youth and Wellness

Embark on a wellness journey with a hidden treasure from the towering Himalayas – the potent and rejuvenating Shilajit. Packed with a myriad of health benefits, this natural powerhouse, often regarded as the ‘elixir of life’, is waiting to become an indispensable part of your holistic well-being. Read about the Himalayan Shilajit benefits in this article

What is Himalayan Shilajit?

The Himalayan mountain range has been home to a wide variety of flora and fauna – many of which are from prehistoric times. Shilajit is one of them. Plants in the prehistoric era absorbed minerals and nutrients from the soil to grow, and once dead, they returned to the soil. As the process continued for centuries, these plants and mineral forms concentrated to form rock-like structures that we call Shilajit today.

The word Shilajit comes from Sanskrit, and literally translates to “Rock”. Like in Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit is said to have unique powers that can heal your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths. Shilajit has been shown to help in a number of biological processes such as injury healing, blood sugar regulation, libido, immune system enhancement, and many others. Some Indian cultures consider Shilajit to be the nectar that God has gifted to mankind to maintain youthfulness and achieve immortality. These cultures are not wrong. The contents of Shilajit cultivate many properties, which can make it a suitable anti-aging agent for you.

Himalayan Shilajit Benefits

Shilajit Works as an Anti-Oxidant

Anti-oxidants are chemicals that stunt the oxidization process in the human body, which is one of the key factors that contribute to biological aging. The constituents of Shilajit make it a very effective anti-oxidant naturally. The anti-oxidant minerals present in Shilajit increase cell life and thus keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Shilajit Works as an Anti-Toxin

Oxygen in the body can sometimes split into atoms with unpaired electrons. They are called free radicals and are generally unstable. They seek out other electrons to stabilise themselves, which can cause damage to cells and DNA, and release toxins. Toxins then accumulate in your body and create auto-immune diseases.

Shilajit contains minerals like iron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, silver, and copper. These elements are important for our body in small amounts. These minerals help activate certain enzymes in our body, which can help remove toxins from our body and help us live longer healthier lives.

Shilajit Contains Humic Acid

Of the numerous constituents that make up Shilajit, one of them is Humic Acid, an organic acid that makes up a large portion of soil matter. Humic acid helps in freshening up the blood circulation in the body and freeing you from wrinkles thus minimizing symptoms of aging.

Shilajit Contains Fulvic Acid

Another organic acid that is found in Shilajit is Fulvic acid, which also plays a crucial role in suppressing aging processes. Fulvic acid works as an antioxidant, which prevents the damage of cells due to oxidation. Fulvic acid also prevents the accumulation of tau proteins, which are important for your nervous system but can damage brain cells if present in excessive amounts.

Shilajit Contains Useful Chemicals

Besides Fulvic Acid and Humic acid, Shilajit also contains numerous other elements and compounds that are vital to the human body. These include minerals like iron, chrome, and, zinc, and also complex compounds such as amino acids and phenolic lipids. Taking Shilajit as a supplement, not only helps in the absorption of nutrients but also ensures that the nutrients reach the cells and nourish them.

Shilajit Induces Cell Recovery

One of the key indicators of having a youthful body is the ability of your cells to recover. Shilajit contains more than 10 amino acids that contribute to growth, cell formation, and regeneration. Along with this, Shilajit also contains Magnesium which helps in the nourishment of the skin, Selenium and Zinc which protects skin from ultraviolet radiation, and Copper which promotes skin elasticity due to higher levels of collagen and elastin.

Shilajit Prevents Fatigue

Himalayan Shilajit Benefits-fatigue

There is no doubt that with age, comes fatigue. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a condition that can cause extreme tiredness, which might affect your day-to-day life. A study carried out by IIT Banaras showed that lab rats who were given Shilajit had a reduction in the effects of CFS. The results suggested that Shilajit enhances the mitochondrial function of your body cells. This also indicates that even without conditions like CFS, Shilajit can give your body a boost and provide you with the energy to carry out intensive activities tirelessly.

Shilajit Improves Heart Health

Shilajit can also play a vital role in the development of your immune system, especially when it comes to heart health. In a study on lab rats were given a supplement of Shilajit and then injected with isoproterenol to induce heart injury. The results showed that lab rats who received the dose of Shilajit were less likely to suffer from cardiac injury. However, Shilajit works as a prevention, not a cure. If you already have some form of active heart disease, Shilajit is not recommended for you.

Shilajit Increases Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone that is concerned with the development of male sexual organs, bone and muscle growth, and the provision of energy in the brain. As we age, our testosterone levels drop which can lead to lower levels of libido and sexual function, loss of bone and muscle mass, hair loss, and mood fluctuations. However, research has shown that daily intake of purified Shilajit can drive up testosterone levels by 20%.

Shilajit Prevents High Altitude Sicknesses

Himalayan Shilajit Benefits-altitude

Some people are more prone to sicknesses at high altitudes, which can have a long-term effect on your body if you are required to travel or work at high altitudes regularly. Hypoxia is a disease that causes oxygen deficiency, which is more likely at greater heights. Shilajit minimizes bone and muscle degeneration and boosts iron absorption, which in turn, increases the rate of production of blood cells. These can help in improving oxygen deficiency-related conditions such as hypoxia.

The Remarkable Impact of Shilajit

As a natural wonder, Shilajit has the potential to rejuvenate your organs, promote radiant skin, halt the aging process, and extend your lifespan, making it an invaluable addition to your wellness routine.

However, harnessing such potent power requires a careful and responsible approach. Due to its highly concentrated nature, only trace amounts are needed to experience its efficacy. Furthermore, Shilajit is a rare commodity, found in limited regions such as the Himalayas, Russia, and Chile.

As awareness and demand for this transformative substance rise, it’s crucial to practice mindful consumption to ensure ample availability for all seeking its life-enhancing benefits. By using Shilajit sparingly, we can collectively savor the revitalizing effects of this Himalayan treasure and pave the way toward a healthier existence for ourselves and others.

PS. Consult your physician before taking Shilajit if you are pregnant or suffer from any health condition.


6 thoughts on “Himalayan Shilajit Benefits – Unlock Nature´s Fountain of Youth and Wellness

  1. Wow, never heard of this one before but I know really well about the Himalayan mountains and how there are alot of healthy products there. The salt in particular is something that everyone knows about that really helps. I must say that this Shilajit is a very wonderful plant and it works wonders based on the different health issues it can help with. Do you think it is okay that pregnant people give this a go?

    1. Hi, I´m glad you like it and thank you for writing. Pregnant women should consult their physician before taking any supplements, including Shilajit. 

      Read more FAQ

  2. Amazing anti fart you are reviewing here, I say its an anti fart ços women cherish to remain young like for ever and they would do anything possible to achieve that..,if SHILAJIT is capable to keeping women from aging then they sure will a run for it…
    Nice article though and I look forward to getting the Himalayan shilajit

    1. Hi and thank you for writing. Besides keeping young, it is also about keeping healthy and energised. So I´d say Shilajit is also good for men. 

  3. Nice article you have there on Himalayan shilajit benefits”

    Going thought the article, this is something we all need especially the women folk. Most of us due to the stress of giving birth, breastfeeding and also working we tend to age quickly and lose our youthfulness. I did my check up on my health of recent and realized that I am lacking some trace elements,this could be due to facts that I am breastfeeding and not having a lot of times to rest and eat to re-fill what I have lost!. 

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Lizzy, thank you for writing and for your support. No matter how much we take care of ourselves, at times we still need some supplements to boost our energy and cope with a hectic lifestyle, and I find natural revitaliser like Shilajit is quite helpful. 

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