Best Anti Ageing Tips – The Basics

Best Anti Ageing Tips – The Basics


Many times we find ourselves searching for that miracle product which will make us look younger without first taking into account the basics. There exist simple necessities that we should focus on at an early stage and try make them part of our routine. So here are FIVE best anti ageing tips that we tend to take for granted and forget to put them into practice again and again.

The best thing is they are AT ZERO COST.

So let´s have a look.

Laughter as Best Medicine

best anti ageing tips the basics-dr-kataria_laughter_yoga

Studies have shown that laughter is very beneficial to our health at both physiological and psychological level. Laughter not only lowers blood pressure and prevents heart disease, but also reduces the level of stress hormones, increases oxygen to the body cells, boosts the immune system AND makes you stronger so you are less likely to get infections and fall ill.

Dr Kataria, also known as the laughter Guru has created a University of laughter yoga for health and happiness, that has become famous in over 100 countries worldwide. The popularity and success of Dr Kataria proves that practised or fake laughter is also great for healthy ageing.

I went to laughter yoga classes when travelling in India, but now classes are being held in Europe and other western countries. Generally it´s elderly people that join the classes in India. Typically they go to a park on a regular basis and they perform one at a time to make the rest of the group laugh, and then they repeat all together. They make funny faces, stick their tongue out, make an ugly face, gesture with their hands and so on. You can hear them in the early morning, a merry crowd having a jolly good time.

So there is no excuse, if you cannot get yourself to laugh naturally you have to go and join a laughter yoga class. You may get those few laughing lines but you will certainly look more attractive afterwards.

Drink Warm Water

best anti ageing tips the basics-copper_cups

The first thing you should become accustomed to every morning, as soon as you get out of bed, is to grab a glass of lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach. This will help you stimulate your intestinal muscles, enhance your digestive power and flush out your toxins. Thus, you will be performing an important ritual to cleanse the body and feel lighter and younger, besides delaying ageing.

You find this habit beneficial after a short period and once you get used to it your body will start demanding that warm water. I tend to do it on a daily basis. The benefits of taking warm water regularly are many. You would be able to digest better during the day and feel lighter and healthier. Add more benefit and repeat this before you go to bed. You can add some lemon or honey to make it tastier.

In Asian countries and especially in India, based on the studies of Ayurveda, it is common to drink warm water out of a copper, brass or silver cup (it is more beneficial to keep the water in this metal vessel overnight). Copper has an oligodynamic effect that purifies the water and can prevent microbes and infection.

Eat Slowly

Eat your drink and drink your food. This is an expression I once heard from a Guru and I tend to remember it every time I´m rushing to eat and have to swallow the food. Whenever I recall the phrase I tend to slow down and if I really don´t have enough time I either eat less or prefer not to eat at all.

So what does this phrase actually mean. The way it was explained to me is that you have to chew the food well enough so that it becomes liquid before you swallow. In the same manner when sipping on your drinks you do so until it feels like chewing it before swallowing. I hope this makes sense to you. It took me a while to practice but once you have it under control you can benefit each time you apply it when drinking or eating.

Get Beauty Sleep – Make Your Skin Glow Naturally

Sorry I´ve interrupted your beauty sleep! Oh! Is the term beauty sleep for real?

best anti ageing tips the basics-sleep

Sleep is a basic and natural necessity for the human and animal being. According to scientists, lack of sleep can cause your skin to age faster.

Then how many hours of sleep do we actually need to feel and look healthy and good-looking?

Falling asleep is an instinct and at any age we should aim to find the right amount of sleep that our body needs. Our body tissues regenerate when we are sleeping and help us to wake up refreshed in the morning. Experimenting is the way to find out your standard hours of sleep required, whether it´s between 6-8 hours or 9-11 hours, this will be discovered upon how energetic you feel in the morning.

Be sure that depriving yourself of a good night´s sleep will take its toll on your health and your skin.

Exercise Increases Longevity

Regular exercise not only keeps you in shape but also saves you from getting diseases, whilst rejuvenating the mind and body. As we age we tend to start losing muscle strength so exercising the whole system is important.

best anti ageing tips the basics-surya_namaskar

A very complete exercise. Popular with those who practice yoga, or for those of you who want to check it out, the exercise is called the sun salutation or surya namaskar. This works on all your body muscles and is excellent for circulation. It can be carried out as slowly or as fast as you want to, depending on age and health status.

So isn´t it great to be able to feel healthy and young with basic methods?

Challenge yourself and implement most if not all 5 tips mentioned above so you keep a youthful appearance.

Do let me know what you think about these simple tips and if you are conscious or not of doing them. Did you notice any difference when making them part of your routine.

Marisa – Beauty & Wellness


12 thoughts on “Best Anti Ageing Tips – The Basics

  1. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your post.

    I thought it was going to be some sort of anti-aging
    cream or something….lol

    Great post, I fail at all, except I do like to laugh

    Glad I have been reminded about the others,
    good sleep, exercise and oh eating slowly. Oh my gosh.
    Don’t do that one very well.

    I have some work to do! Great post and website looks great to!

    1. Hi Cindy, thank you for your lovely words and I´m glad you liked my post. When at the yoga class, they keep reminding us of how these basic habits are important for our health and I felt I had to share this with you all. Take care

  2. Hi Marisa,
    I must say that this is an invaluable piece of information that you have provided here. I happen to be in this same age bracket and there’s no gainsaying that one cannot ignore all the vital tips given here. Some of us seem to have neglected these in our lifestyle habits because we are so pre-occupied with career without caring well enough for our health. The point about laughter is particularly stimulating; one of the most infectious gift you can share with everyone.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Anthony, thank you for writing and I agree with you totally. We are always scurrying about doing this and that but we have to learn to stop and observe and be more conscious of ourselves and what´s going on around us. I think I´ve learnt a lot from my travels to Asia. People just sit there for hours and they are not anxious to finish off everything in one day. Keep smiling!

  3. Thanks for a great reminder on what our body and mind require from us.

    I’m gonna need to take a note of these steps, especially the sleeping bit. It is very easy to get distracted in life and forget to implement these basic yet very important steps.
    Thanks for sharing Marisa.

    1. Hi Adel, I´m glad this made you realise you need to catch up on some sleep. It is OK when we´re young but we have to take care of our health when we start ageing.

  4. Great, simple but working guideline of the best anti-aging tips I would say! These are easily affordable, available for everyone and working ways to prevent aging. What comes to laughter, is still underestimated but eventually more research told it has multiple ways to promote health and prevent aging as you pointed here. Drinking warm water is another cheap (or free?) way for this, I have been drinking my water as warm or room temperature for decades and it also makes our muscles to get more about the same amount. Thanks for sharing these, bookmarked your site for further use. 

    1. Thank you for sharing your views Jesse. Simple things do come for free and they seem unimportant to us unless we are buying something at a price. I learned most of this through Ayurveda. Cheers!

  5. I so much agree with you that laughter is the best anti aging medicine, I could remember during my high school days, my mum will say if you don’t laugh or smile your face will grow old very fast, I think it’s visible here. It helps smooth psychological and physical living. The tips you listed in this article are really effective and useful, I’m very conversant with that of water and sleep. Most people know these things but they don’t observe them regularly as expected so it’s always difficult for them to see the effectiveness, we should learn to take our health serious and important, health is Wealth. Thanks for this amazing post, I’ve learned a lot from it.

  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing fact, instead of wasting great deal of money on products that are actually not effective and will later cause infections or the health, these are natural best anti aging tips that won’t require spending, it only requires consistency and care. Laughing is a really good one, it improves the health in diverse ways. I agree with your assertion that  lack of sleep can cause your skin to age faster. I’ll share this article to some other people, I know it’ll be of help. Thanks

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