Ayurveda & Auto Immune Diseases Review – What You Need to Know

Ayurveda & Auto Immune Diseases Review – What You Need to Know

Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old ancient holistic medicine of India focuses on prevention methods but also on curing THE ROOT CAUSE of the disease. Ayurveda & Auto Immune Diseases is a course by Dr Akil Palanisamy, and in this review is what you need to know about it.

´One of the most powerful fundamental principles of Ayurveda is its emphasis on self healing. Your body has the capacity to repair and heal itself, if provided the correct inputs and stimuli, no matter what its current state.¨ Dr Akil Palanisamy

Ayurveda – The Natural Way Of Healing

Ayurveda first encourages dietary changes, then cleansing of the body before applying any treatment to overcome the ailments and be able to regain the energies back for a healthier lifestyle.

Here´s important information you need to know about:

The Balanced Digestive System or Functional Gut


A functional gastrointestinal system will contribute to the proper processing of food and the elimination of waste from our system. As a result, the immune system is at its best and one feels energetic and healthy.

Depending on our physiological body type and constitution (called Prakriti in Ayurveda) we have a tendency of building toxins (called ama in Ayurveda) in our bodies. These toxins can be eliminated if we implement a body-mind approach by eating the right diet, exercise and reduce stress.

Imbalanced Digestive System or Leaky Gut

´All Disease Begins In the Gut´ – Hippocrates

If we neglect our digestive system and do not take measures until more serious symptoms, then the toxins will reach a level where disease takes place. This is unfortunately the only time we decide to take action and seek medical help.

The toxins will build up in our gut by means of undigested food that will later produce a leaky gut or imbalance (called vikruti in Ayurveda), which will enter the bloodstream and start developing disorders in other organs and disease will rise.

Ayurveda discovered that once an unbalanced gut (our biggest immune system organ) is healed, this will bring back the balance in our body and can cure more serious conditions.

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Ayurveda & Auto Immune diseases is a course by Dr Akil that may help you overcome any of the five common auto immune diseases listed below.

Treating and Reversing Auto Immune Disease

Allopathic medicine claim there is no cure for the 5 diseases mentioned below, whereas Ayurveda believes that the secret is in fixing the root cause that will reverse any progress in the disease.

 The Course

Ayurveda & Auto Immune Diseases

The course will teach you how to;

  • recognise the six stages of how a disease does progress within your body
  • open up the channels through which energy flows in your body
  • manage and improve your lifestyle for a better you

The Course Content

Part 1 The Introductory part establishes how to analyse the root cause of your weakness and sickness, by knowing your body type and get acquainted with what contributes to autoimmune diseases.

Part 2 Healing the Gut and the immune system through dietary changes, cleansing and body-mind union.

Part 3 Plan for treating of five common autoimmune diseases

  1. Hashimoto´s Thyroid Disease
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  4. Celiac Disease
  5. Eczema And Psoriasis

In Dr Akil´s words: ¨I have a genuine passion for helping people with all conditions but especially with autoimmune disease because I have seen first-hand how my approach can make a difference in treating and reversing autoimmune disease.¨ 

Who Is The Course For

For anyone who wants to learn the true benefits and wellness of Ayurveda and/or would like to help anyone around you who suffers from autoimmune diseases, by sharing the knowledge and benefits of Ayurveda.

I believe that whatever is learned in Ayurveda stays with you and you can make use of it throughout your entire life.

The Course Format

The course is available in 3 formats; only digital, only physical or digital + physical combined.

Click on the link below for more details and an informative video by Dr Akil himself.

Love Yourself, Take Action NOW

I encourage you to look into the video and discover for yourself the power of Ayurveda.

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14 thoughts on “Ayurveda & Auto Immune Diseases Review – What You Need to Know

  1. It’s the first time I’m learning about Ayurveda but it looks so cool and I think I need to tryout those courses. I have to agree with you here about the fact that many times, our system do fail us and  it is almost impossible to stop our systems from producing toxins. Learning about how it can help with the auto immune disease is great. I would like to learn more about this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi, I have been on courses and also on Ayurveda programs both in India & SriLanka and they teach you a lot on how to take care of little things that we take for granted. However I have to admit that living in a city in Europe makes it very hard to follow the Ayurveda way of lifestyle. But hey, I am grateful for all the knowledge gained as I do find it useful for when I am feeling short of energy. 

      I highly recommend these Ayurveda courses. Thank you for writing. 

  2. I am always happy to learn something new everyday and so you bringing up this topic on Ayurveda is very great. I think a friend of mine should have mentioned it to me about a week ago but now I have met it online too. Being able to clear my gut sounds cool. I didn’t know though that most toxins in the body comes from the gut and that the digestive system is the biggest of the immune system. I would give this course a try. Thank you for putting this here. Cheers!

    1. Hi, you are most welcome. I love Ayurveda as things are explained in a simple and easy to understand way, that also make a lot of sense. And yes, apparently keeping the gut healthy will make our lives much easier and we are less prone to diseases. Thank you for writing. 

  3. This was very eye-opening and such a knowledgable post. Thank you for making this. There are so many things I didn’t know that now I feel like maybe I can change in my routine or diet. I know some people who have autoimmune diseases and it is important that they can possibly fix it naturally and healthily. 

    1. HI, you are most welcome and glad you like it. I love Ayurveda as its concept is very basic and treats everyone as an individual holistic being to balance body and mind. Changing simple things in our everyday routine can make a big difference. Thanks for your feedback. 

  4. I’ve been using Ayuverda as a way of building my immunity and as a prevention. From my experience, one of the best supplements and gift of nature if you ask me. I also use Ashwagandha for better mental state, stress relief and better mood.

    Awesome website by the way. I will bookmark it.


    1. Hi, thank you for your nice comment and I am so happy you know about Ayurveda. I use Ashwagandha medicated oil and it is very relaxing. 

  5. 5000-year old ancient holistic medicine sounds good to me. Anything that’s been around for that long has to be effective I would think. It’s nice to live in a world that is more and more health conscious, and you did very well to bring to light something that most people probably haven’t heard of in Ayurveda. Digestive health is very important and it’s best to have a natural supplement to help with the digestive tract. I’m definitely interested in checking out this course as I myself haven’t heard a lot about ayuveda, so I will do so through your link. Thank you for a great recommendation for digestive health!

    1. Thank you so much for writing your views about Ayurveda. I´m totally anti drugs and when I found out about Ayurveda I just wanted to learn more about it. It is all so natural and will guide you to fix little things in your diet or daily routine that can improve your digestive health. I hope you enjoy the course and you will find it useful. 

  6. Hi Marisa! I have been researching about the importance of having a Functional Gut and have come across Ayurveda several times. I started researching directly about Ayurveda and I’m glad I found this course you’re mentioning here. Reversing Auto Immune Disease is a key point. I’ll take a look at it. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Henry, I can recommend Ayurveda as it guides you to correct your diet and other routines which may be causing the imbalance in your system. Check out the video about the course, it gives you a good summary of what you can expect from the course. Thank you for writing. 

  7. Ayurveda has a very rich and long history. Although, some people are skeptical about its effectiveness, I have come across certain things that proves that Ayurveda medicine works well enough. It is true that toxins do accumulate in the body over time and the higher its concentration, the more it affects a person’s well-being. Cleansing the body system, will open the right pathway for recovery  

    1. Hi Amanda, you are absolutely right. It is a pity that many people are either not aware or doubt Ayurveda but it is now being more recognised in the West since many people prefer natural healing. Thanks for your feedback. 

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