Health Benefits from Foot Reflexology -Blissful Therapeutic Massage

Health Benefits from Foot Reflexology -Blissful Therapeutic Massage


Hi everyone, If you have never heard about reflexology it is time to catch on as you are absolutely missing out. The health benefits from foot reflexology are endless.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that vital energy flows though our meridian channels (like canals) in our body and when there are blockages it produces an imbalance which in turn affects our organs and that is how we start getting ailments.

I know a huge number of people including myself who embrace this blissful therapy called reflexology.

What Is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a practice that can be applied to the feet, hands; face or ears, by using massage techniques to stimulate the pressure points that reflect on particular parts and organs of the body and in turn make you relax. Generally it also helps alleviate your pain and aches, hence the health benefits from reflexology.

Today I will write about FOOT reflexology.

WAW! I love foot reflexology. Possibly it is the best of all massages and relaxation techniques that I have tried and to date I can confirm it is still my favourite.

The first time I went for a reflexology session was with my mum. She was skeptical of going but I managed to convince her. As end result my mum did not feel anything in particular but she surely enjoyed the pampering.

I had hardly read anything about reflexology but a friend has spoken highly of the benefits and mentioned that one typically has immediate results.

And oh my! I can say it did work for me.

Back then, I was still very young and do not recall having any unusual stress but I can still remember that after the session I had felt my whole body reacting. I literally felt like my internal system was moving so that my organs or internal liquids kind of fall into place, so to say.

This might sound mind blowing but today, years have gone by, and every time I go for a foot massage, I still have the immediate response. The only difference is now I appreciate the benefit more because I get relief of my existing aches and pains including; back pain, upset stomach, neck pain etc.

Series of Benefits from Reflexology – The List is Long

  • Improve eyesight and relax tired eyes.
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Balance your system.
  • Relieve neck, shoulder and lower back pain.
  • Decrease recurring headaches.
  • Helps with gastritis.
  • Digestive issues.
  • Menstrual pains.PMS
  • Detox your body and stimulate elimination.
  • Sinus issues.
  • Aid with insomnia.
  • Breathing and asthma complications.
  • Prevention and everyday wellness.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Help with sexual problems and dysfunctions.
  • Relaxes.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Restore vital energy.
  • Helps with depression.

Give Yourself a Treat – Exactly What You Deserve Today

The very next time you are feeling stressed try reflexology to relax and unwind and restore positive energies. You may not get complete relief for all your ailments but you will be in the right direction to achieve those positive health results.

A typical reflexology session:

health benefits from foot reflexology_foot_bath

Different processes are used. They can make you sit down or lie down. A foot bath is usually the first thing they make you do. It is refreshing for you and hygienic for the therapist. Sometimes they do a general check on your feet by applying pressure to assess your current health condition (this is more usual with Chinese and Asians), or a warm up massage to your feet to release tension and also so you get used to the touch and the hands of the person giving the massage (Westerners tend to start in such a way else they make you fill in a form specifying any health issues).

Then the therapist starts applying various or some of the following massage techniques; knuckle pressure, kneading, thumb and finger walking, rotation on one point, pulling of the toes, etc. Some tend to use a bit of base oil, others work on dry feet. At the end of the session some may offer you a glass of warm water or herbal tea.

Where should you go? Depending on where you live, you have to do your research and look for a good reflexologist.. It is very important and will make all the difference. I have been to very good ones and to others not so good. A session is generally affordable and you can repeat many times (once a week or every fortnight is ideal).

I tend to go to Chinese salons as I find Chinese very good with massage and they are quite professional. Ideally you spot a good practitioner and stick to the same one. This is so they get to know you and target your discomforts better. It is also essential that the specialist develops awareness of your energy and sensitivity.

Build Your Own Technique – Make it a Routine

After attending to a few sessions, you will get the feel of it and can monitor how they are working on your feet. Then self healing is a way to go. Make it your routine to massage your feet when you get the chance, ideally before bed time so you can benefit of a peaceful sleep. You can apply some favourite oil or cream and do a gentle massage on both feet, giving special attention to tender areas.

Tips when massaging your own feet – you should put pressure on the area you are working on in a way until you get the in between feeling of pain and pleasure. When you work your pressure around your feet you are going to find sensitive areas so use a firm touch to be able to feel some relief but if it hurts a lot do not insist. Let go, rest and press again gently with intervals in between.


Reflexology – More Than Just a Foot Massage

Reflexology is ideal for everybody including babies and the elderly. Since the pressure points in the feet correspond to the whole body it is considered a holistic method addressing not only one symptom but the whole body including your emotional being.

So there you go. If you are hesitating whether you should try reflexology I hope this information helps and you are able to go and indulge. If you care to share your experience over here, I will be very pleased to receive your feedback of your own personal experience.

Note: Reflexology is stimulating so you should not do it if you are pregnant, else only little pressure is used.

Marisa – Beauty & Wellness


20 thoughts on “Health Benefits from Foot Reflexology -Blissful Therapeutic Massage

  1. I had heard about the benefits of foot reflexology. However, I do not have the courage to try it out as I heard from some friends that if you have an inherent health problem, for example, weak kidneys, etc, it can be very painful when the reflexologist happens to press on the associated pressure point! This really scares me. However, I also do know of people who said that they feel very relax after the session. Maybe one day, I will pluck up my courage to try!

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for sharing your views. That is very true and it is always good to check with your doctor. The corresponding area on your foot is usually tender and you can feel it straight away. However if you decide to try it you should inform the reflexologist about any health issues. Take care!

  2. Hi there,
    Reflexology is a new term I’m hearing it from this article. A new way of keeping the feet, hands, face or ears, by using massage techniques to stimulate the pressure points that reflect on particular parts and organs of the body sounds so good.

    I believe, acquiring relaxation from such unique massage will be so helpful. I will bookmark your article.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, glad you liked the idea of it. It is fabulous, I have been going for reflexology for years now. Lots of benefits and very relaxing. Good day. Marisa

  3. My mom used to get reflexology treatments many years ago and always praised them. I was only able to try this once and I can see why mom was so into it. The lady who did her feet also made her own creams, which my mom just loved.

    It is a very relaxing therapy and I had such a sense of well being after. I highly recommend it as well.

  4. Hi Marisa,
    I’ve come across this terminology before now and I never knew that the scope of the practice and that the benefits are so many.
    Thank you so much for his educative material.

  5. Looks like very good and an absolutely unique way for one to get a good massage. Its the first time I am hearing of reflexology but working a way around the pressure points is really great. I think this is a great way to get relaxed and j have to try it. There are so many benefits of the practice that I need personally. Thank you for putting this up.

    1. Hi, you are most welcome. If you do like massage, I suggest you give reflexology a try. You might like it very much I warn you. Keep well. Marisa 

  6. Thank you for your post. It is informative and useful. I started my online business for a while now and sit in the front of my computer for long hours daily. Now I feel stressed, my eyesight is fizzle, and often I have headache etc. I know there are something wrong, but I don’t know how how to treat and prevent my situation.

    Here comes your article, health benefits from foot reflexology. I particularly like your list – series of benefits for reflexology. Looks it could relieve all of my conditions. I am going to find a local reflexologist. On the other hand, I may also try to help myself by selecting particular procedure to improve my health conditions.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    1. Hi Anthony, I know the feeling as I always spend the entire day in front of the computer. You should take care and treat yourself whenever you can. Should you go for a massage or reflexology, then you will be more energised and in turn more productive.  Thank you for writing. Marisa

  7. Thanks for your article. I may have heard of reflexology in the past, but it must have just slipped past my memory. I guess part of the reason is the lack of information on the topic. It would be interesting to try. It makes sense since by massaging new areas of the body, you develop that area of the brain, which in turn may “fix” other issues that you may be having. Thanks for sharing your experiences. 

    1. Hi Mikhail, it is all about holistic health and treating the body as a whole not just physical. I think we should be more aware of these techniques and treat ourselves as often as we can to achieve better health and prevent illnesses. Thank you so much for writing. 

  8. I’ve been a believer in foot reflexology since I was a teenager.  My Mom used to go to one and I had serious PMS pain so went with her and it totally worked!  Later in my life I went for migraines and for stress/depression.  In each and every case it has worked (except when I got an inexperienced reflexologist).  More people really need to try this holistic health care rather than just turning to pharmaceuticals.

    1. Hi, I agree with you totally. I do believe in massage and hardly take any pills. It does work for me in many ways. Reflexology is one of my fav. 

      Thank you for sharing your experience with reflexology and how you find it helpful. Have a great day. Marisa 

  9. I’ve heard only a little bit about reflexology, so an in-depth analysis of foot reflexology is really appreciated here. I’m glad to hear that this form of medicine has been around for a long time and that you and those you know have had success with it. I agree that circulation is an important bodily function. With so many benefits such as helping with digestive issues and sinus issues and as an aid for things like insomnia and depression. I will follow your link to tips on massaging feet to check it out further. Thanks for a great recommendation and keep up the good work!

  10. Hey Marisa! I’m all in on professional therapeutic massages and reflexology work because they are so beneficial. For many years, I have had that kind of work done and it’s always been a refreshing experience. It’s amazing how foot reflexology can do so much to help the whole body feel better. In fact, I have a massage session, which includes foot reflexology, scheduled in the next few days. Your post is a reminder of how much I enjoy these relaxing sessions and how much better I feel afterward. I’ll be bookmarking your site, so I can visit again. Thanks!

    1. Hello Colleen, big thanks for sharing your experience. Massage in general is beautiful and has many health benefits, and then we all have our favourite. Enjoy your next massage session and have a great day. Cheers!

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