Authentic Manuka Honey Brands |The Most Affordable

Authentic Manuka Honey Brands |The Most Affordable

If you reached this article, you must have heard or read about the benefits of Manuka honey and before your purchase you are now looking for information on authentic Manuka honey brands.

This article will guide you so you are able to choose the best Manuka honey for you. Besides I will include a short list of the Manuka honey I recommend as I have been using it for many years for different purposes.

Manuka honey has become very popular and for this reason there is a great deal of new business interest and new companies are popping up, so make sure you are purchasing the genuine product (look for the UMF trademark).

I have listed below the best and most affordable Manuka honey brands at present. The list will be updated when new genuine deals come out.

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Authentic Manuka Honey Brands – Quick List

What Is Special About Manuka Honey?

Honey in general is proven for its antimicrobial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Manuka honey contains higher MGO (methylglyoxal), the natural chemical component that makes it a more powerful antibiotic.

The purest Manuka honey comes from a monoflower, the Manuka flower (Leptospermum scoparium), that is, the bee only visits the Manuka bush.

The Manuka flower blossoms only for a few weeks in a year and it is when the bees collect the honey. This limited harvest period is what makes Manuka Honey rare and expensive. Besides Manuka honey require special care and skills to protect its natural properties.

Medical grade honey or that contains MGO and other healing chemicals, is known to have helped heal wounds, aid with digestion, reduce microbial infections and inflammation, and is also good for skincare and is being included in beauty products.

The US National Institute of Health states that Manuka honey is safe to use as alternative natural antibiotic.

The main types of Manuka Honey UMF gradings are:

  • UMF20+
  • UMF15+
  • UMF10+
  • UMF5+

There is also a UMF25+ but it is rare to find and expensive.

The UMF is the official labelling that measures the amount of MGO and natural components that makes Manuka honey authentic.

MGO to UMF calculatorBenefits
830+UMF20+Treat wounds in hospitals and clinics
500+UMF15+Therapeutic, for skin and mild infections;
acne-prone skin
250+UMF10+Basic natural healing, antimicrobial activity,
sooths coughs and sore throats, energy
booster, antiaging protection and glowing skin
80+UMF5+Basic maintenance; supports digestion and
immune system, natural sweetener

Is a Teaspoon of Manuka Honey a day good for you?

A teaspoon a day (UMF5+ to 15+) is good for the maintenance of digestion and immune system of an average healthy person. You can take a teaspoon daily for 4 weeks and then take a 2 weeks break after.

With higher UMF20+ gradings you can apply it directly on a wound or acne, or eat it when you are treating skin or other infections like throat infection, until symptoms ease. However, do consult your doctor before taking Manuka honey if you suffer from any disease.

Keep Manuka honey in your cupboard away from direct sunlight. No need to refrigerate. It won´t go bad.

Warning: Manuka honey is not recommended for:

  • kids under 1year of age,
  • people suffering from diabetes or other disease,
  • people allergic to bee pollen or venom

Where to Buy Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey cannot be found at your usual grocery store. You are more likely to find good quality raw honey at gourmet supermarket and artisan shops, however they do not necessarily stock Manuka Honey all the way from New Zealand.

Big chain stores tend to sell a brand or two of their choice. It is only online where you can access a wider range of Manuka honey brands to choose from.

Manuka honey sold in stores tend to be more pricey, whilst you can get better deals online.

5 Authentic Manuka Honey Brands

Manuka Health Manuka Honey

Founded in 2006, Manuka Health is a leading New Zealand Natural health company with 140 dedicated specialist and aprox 1.5 billion bees.

Manuka Health pride themselves in dealing with the whole process of hiving, sourcing and packaging, and abide by the list of strict quality standards in New Zealand.

Manuka health honey has a rich sweet flavour and a velvety golden texture, standard with Manuka honey.

Highlights of Manuka Health

  • Produce a range of Manuka honey as well as propolis, royal jelly and skincare products
  • Manuka health extend testing beyond the required official control and test every jar 3 times during its process.
  • Tested for pesticides and herbicides to ensure free contamination.

Comvita Manuka Honey

Perhaps one of the most renowned bee-friendly company worldwide. Comvita was founded in 1974 with the vision to connect people to nature and to healthy living.

With such a long experience in bee-hiving Comvita can guarantee the pure raw Manuka honey extracted only from the monoflower Manuka.

Comvita honey is creamy rich with a dark golden colour.

Highlights of Comvita

  • More than a company, Comvita is a community
  • Provide purest natural honey from the bee-hive to your shelf
  • Involved in many environmental sustainable programs

Onuku Manuka Honey

Onuku Manuka Honey is a fast growing 100% Maori brand and honey is produced by bees that collect nectar from the Manuka bushes planted on prime and remote land at the base of Mt Tarawera on the North Island in New Zealand.

Onuku Manuka honey is rich and creamy with a golden colour, and a slight bitter taste.

Highlights of Onuku Manuka Honey

  • 100% certified natural and pure New Zealand Honey
  • Onuku is sourced from the land indigenous to Maori people in New Zealand
  • Reasonably priced, sometimes it´s the cheapest on the market for higher gradings UMF15+ or UMF20+ and you are still getting good quality Manuka honey

Happy Valley Manuka Honey

Happy Valley is a family run business and the dedicated owners strongly believe in the natural power of Manuka honey and are committed to provide the best quality product with least human interference.

The product comes along with a nicely prepared informational booklet about the company and the honey.

Happy Valley Manuka honey is rich and liquid creamy. It has a darker amber colour with a more potent flavour than the usual honey

Highlights of Happy Valley Manuka Honey

  • Genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey
  • Over 50 years hiving experience over 3 generations
  • In 2013 developed a skincare range of beauty products called Royal Skin

100% Pure New Zealand Honey

100% Pure New Zealand honey was established in 1996 and is committed to provide the purest of Manuka honey as the name suggests.

The company uses a special method and craft the honey by hand for better quality and purity.

It has a dark colour with a bit of a herbal, aromatic flavour. The texture is thick and creamy as the usual Manuka honey

Highlights of Pure New Zealand Honey

  • 100% natural and pure. In fact their trademark is Pure Flow
  • No pasteurization or excess heat, no preservatives or additives
  • Blended manually by experts to protect the nutrients

And for those who wish to learn more about bees, here is an interesting documentary on mindful bee-hiving by Comvita.

I personally love Onuku best as it has that slightly bitter taste that I tend to enjoy, though it is still sweet honey. Sometimes it is hard to find Onuku in Europe and when it is not available I select another from the list of authentic Manuka honey brands. I don´t usually go below UMF10+.


10 thoughts on “Authentic Manuka Honey Brands |The Most Affordable

  1. This is quite an interesting thing to see here. These days, getting access to worthy honey is almost like a dream for many and not achievable for all. Seriously, what you share here is very good and it feels better knowing that this manuka actually provides the very best in honey and that is a good thing considering the benefits of making use of honey. Thanks 

  2. Hi,

    From my research there was no single standard for what constitutes Real Manuka Honey (even then, some still claim authenticity even though no one has tested or verified what’s in the jar). So, in an effort to clear up the confusion surrounding Manuka Honey, it comes from a company with their own beekeeping operation, who is a responsible steward to the planet and its people. Manuka Honey is one of the Earth’s most rare and precious natural resources. Both the Manuka Flower and honey bees are incredibly sensitive to changing climate, so it matters that Manuka Honey is harvested sustainably and regeneratively.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Aluko, many thanks for sharing your insight. The best is to look for the UMF grading. They have strict regulations to abide in New Zealand to be able to use the UMF system. 

  3. Oh I never knew that Manuka flower only blossoms for a few weeks in a year and because of the limited harvest period, it is what makes Maluka exclusive and therefore more expensive than other honeys. To have access to a good honey is such a treat. I live in Italy so would love to have access these honeys that you have listed here. Do you know if I can get any of these Manuka honeys in Italy, or will I have to import them from New Zealand?

    1. Hi, most probably you can order online unless you have a good gourmet or honey shop close by where you can ask for Manuka honey. If not, do try Amazon. Good day. 

  4. I liked this post about Manuka honey.  It is not only delicious, but it is good for the stomach, good to get rid of acne, good as an antimicrobial.  It is available in many forms, even pills.  But I always find the honey itself best.  Good for digestion and the immune system.  I’m interested in these products; something natural that’s healthy for once, instead of a lab.

    1. Hi Anthony, glad you liked the post. I also prefer the honey from the jar, but having the Manuka lozenges on the go is not a bad idea. Thank you for writing. 

  5. I have heard about the benefits of Manuka honey. But a friend of mine also warned me to only buy authentic Manuka honey brands. She recommended taking a teaspoon of Manuka honey a day. And this also agrees with what you said.

    I have made up my mind to purchase one. And of the brands mentioned here, Onuku is the best for me. High quality at a reasonable price.

    1. Hi Ann, glad to hear you know about Manuka honey. I am right now experimenting with a locally branded Manuka honey the Gourmet Shop said they import from New Zealand. The taste is quite similar but the honey is more liquid than the usual Manuka from New Zealand. Onuku is a good choice, I love the taste and it proved to work for sore throats etc. Thank you for writing. 

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