Simple Breathing Exercises You Can Do Anytime Anywhere

Simple Breathing Exercises You Can Do Anytime Anywhere

Deep breathing increases your oxygen intake and benefits your health system. Today I will describe an easy breathing technique, simple breathing exercises you can practice wherever and whenever you feel the need.

Let´s get right into it. It will be brief to show the simplicity of the exercise.

You can practice lying down, in a sitting position, or where you are comfortable. If you are experienced in deep breathing then you can skip to Step 3.

Step 1

Place your index and middle finger of your left hand on the hollow area where the ribs meet and press gently.

Step 2

Place your right palm flat on your navel area. No need to press.

Step 3

Now close your eyes and relax.

Step 4

Take a deep breath and lift your tummy up, feeling your palm going up when you inhale. Breathe slowly, and feel your chest and tummy expanding.

Step 5

Hold your breath for a moment. Start by holding it for 15 seconds and later on you can add another 15 seconds or a bit more.

Step 6

Now breathe out through your mouth, slowly, let the air out as passing through puckered lips, as if holding a straw in your mouth.

Step 7

Repeat Steps 3-6 about 10 times.

How do you feel?

This is an excellent breathing technique that you can practice everywhere and if you master it properly you will notice you will find it very useful during times of panic or simply when you are feeling foggy and need a boost of energy to be able to react.

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It is a wonderful feeling afterward and you will be more in control of yourself and in a better state of well-being.

Some gurus recommend this technique to find relief from pain and doing it on a frequent basis may also help you overcome more serious diseases.

Many times we are doing things we don´t like, at work or at home. Do not despair. Take 10 deep breaths and see how much easier it feels to take decisions when you have liberated yourself of toxins and have more oxygen.

I´d really like you to give it a try and let me know if deep breathing did help you out in some way; describe the situation you were in and how it made you feel better. What was your body’s reaction?

You will be surprised how simple practices, that do not cost any money, can change your life.

If you enjoyed the above 7 steps simple breathing exercises and found them helpful then you may want to check more advanced breathing techniques that will help your whole body system and massage your internal organs.

I have been recommending deep breathing to many people and they all talk positively about the results. I have learned all these techniques in yoga classes in different parts of the world, some classes with great gurus in India and Sri Lanka. Once you learn the technique it stays with you and you only want to practice more.

Do it and see how it goes.

I´d like to share the below interview with the Yoga healing Guru, Shri Amritji. Watch it entirely and if you don´t have time you can go directly to;

9:27 Demonstration of Kapalbhatti breathing technique

18:56 Guided deep breathing exercise


10 thoughts on “Simple Breathing Exercises You Can Do Anytime Anywhere

  1. Thank you so much for that exercise. i did it myself, yes it did feel weird or alien of some sort at first but i really did feel great after the first 5 times. 

    Now if you do it all the way to the 10th time you will feel way better, thank you for that it shall be one of my many exercises  that i do. Hope you do have many other small and easy exercises one might do to feel at ease.

    thanks for this article again.

    1. Hi, many thanks for stopping by and trying out the simple breathing exercises. I really hope you find them useful to unwind. Have a nice day. 

  2. Hello there thanks for sharing such helpful tips with us. I must say most people like me are not aware that such simple and easy exercises can actually improve your health system. Well now I know better that it’s not all about lifting weights and push-ups that can do the work. 

    1. Hi, lifting weights and doing push-ups is great however it is important to breathe well to get enough oxygen to be able to carry out the exercises you mention. Thank you for writing. 

  3. Wow! this is super amazing. I practically followed these steps as i was reading, I never knew what I was doing until I felt relieved of the pain I was feeling in my chest. I have already saved this post so I can go over it again and also show it to a friend who I think needs it.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey I´m glad you found the information useful. That is my idea to get people to practice while they read and then once you see the benefits you make simple breathing exercises as part of your daily routine. Thank you for writing and for sharing with your friend. 

  4. Hey nice site you have there. This is the exact article my mum will be pleased to go through. With some simple techniques to help combat aging signs, wow awesome. I will definitely make some recommendations to my mum and refer to this article. Thanks for bringing this tips to the public, it is invaluable, more of it.

    1. Hi, I´m glad you found the article and it is nice of you to share the information with your mum. There are many simple tricks to help us keep healthy and young looking. Thank you for writing. 

  5. Hello thank you for this awesome post on breathing exercise,  the importance of breathing cannot be overemphasized, I have been used to some other simple  breathing technique but there’s always room for improvement, I just tried out this breathing exercise and I indeed felt wonderful, thanks for sharing, I have really learned from this and I hope this meets someone well

    1. Hi, thank you for trying the simple breathing exercises out. It does feel good when you open up your chest and breathe in more air. I´m happy you are aware of the benefits of breathing well. 

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