Natural Remedies To Common Cold – 11 Fast Relief Methods

Natural Remedies To Common Cold – 11 Fast Relief Methods


NO matter how health conscious we are and how hard we try to prevent it, sometimes it does hit us and we come down with that nasty cold. Discover some effective natural remedies to common cold in this article.

Sharing is caring, so if you happen to know anyone having cold symptoms right now, please help and share. Thank You.

In colder weather we spend more time indoors or within enclosed spaces. The stuffy environment due to full blast central heating, plus having people around already sneezing and coughing makes us more prone to catch a cold. That is when we get attacked by the virus that is constantly circulating around us via other people who already have a virus.

Spreading the common cold virus is as easy as shaking hands with infected people, sneezing at a public enclosed space (when on a train, bus, subway, offices, bar, etc.) or even touching the lift button or a doorknob after somebody sick has been near.

In my previous post I wrote about the importance of enhancing our immunity, and now I want to give solutions for when you do catch a cold due to low resistance or perhaps stress.


I assume if you are here, you must be looking for natural remedies to common cold.

Here are my top recommendations to get rid of that cold fast.

How To Fight The Cold

1. Bone Broth or Soup. Broth has always been one of mum´s favourite when we are sick. Remember how you hated it and tried your best to reject it but MUM still made you force it down.


Well, I have read so much about it and its benefits, that the last time I was feeling poorly and knew I will catch a cold if I don´t act fast, I decided to prepare myself a chicken bone broth (it can be of any other meat, bovine or pig, unless you are vegetarian). I was determined not to fall sick.

I let the whole chicken including bones simmer in water for hours and when ready, I drank 2 full mugs of soup before bedtime and 1 full mug in the morning.

Believe me, it worked miracles. Possibly I caught the virus at the initial stages and was lucky but I was totally recovered by morning and fully energetic to cope with another hectic week ahead.

Bone broth is high in protein and calcium and aids to reduce inflammation. Soup is also a good substitute for food as according to Ayurveda, when sick, you shouldn´t eat heavy foods and eat less. as it is believed that you have built many toxins in your body and that is why you are getting an infection.

2. Go for a walk or do light exercise. Help yourself to move those bad toxins. Regenerating heat when exercising will make your body fight the bad bacteria and hopefully you are in time to save yourself from getting the flu.

3. Sleep. Take plenty of rest as required. If your body is pleading you to rest, don´t fight back. DO relax, slow down and sleep whenever you get the chance until you recover completely.

Soothe Sore Throat Fast

4. Manuka Honey & Turmeric Mix. Both honey and turmeric have anti inflammatory properties. Mix together one spoon of turmeric with two spoons of raw honey in a glass. Stir well until you get a thick paste. Every 2-3 hours have one fourth teaspoon of the mix. It is comforting on the throat and after 2-3 intake you will already notice the difference and reduce the inflammation. I keep the mix in the fridge and take it out an hour before using.

5. Gargle With Salt Water. A highly effective method to ease throat infection fast is to gargle with warm water and salt. Make sure to stir it well before starting to gargle ( 2 to 3 times at each session is fine). Do this a couple of times and the result is immediate. You feel and see how the pus kind of collects itself together and you will be able to spit it out.

It is such a BIG RELIEF.

Cure Blocked Sinuses


6. Castor Oil. This oil has been a discovery for me only recently. I was searching on YouTube and found this remedy. You have to do some simple breathing exercises (I will link the video with guided exercises below), then right after you apply 2 drops of castor oil in each nostril, ideally before bedtime. Continue using on consecutive days when you have blocked sinuses and it will help to moisturise your nasal passage.

7. Using a Neti-Pot. Basically you flush your nasal channels by pouring salt water from the Neti-pot. You can prepare it yourself by boiling distilled water and add neti-pot salt. Then tilt your head a bit and apply one nostril at a time. This seems very easy to do but I, myself, haven´t managed to use it successfully so far, as the water keeps dripping out of the same nostril, rather through the other one, so clearly I am doing it wrong. I have also bought the saline sprays but still not managing it. I will have to keep on trying.

Home Remedy Headache Relief

8. Gel Eye Mask. I got mine as a gift but you can find it at nature shops usually. If you suffer from headaches or when you get your first signs of cold virus headache just wear it and leave it on for 10 minutes and relax. Put it in the fridge for an hour and use it cold if you are treating a headache, also tired or puffy eyes.

If you are treating sinusitis and nasal congestion, then warm it bain-mairie style before using.

9. Pressure Points. A great way of easing a headache is by working on the pressure points in our head and face. Press the fingers or thumb on the following points for a minute at a time or gently massage in little circles using your thumb.

  • on the temples, the outer sides of your eyes, apply pressure on the soft area.
  • the area in between the eyes.
  • another point is at the base of your skull, the hollow area.
  • cupping with both your hands exercising light pressure all over your head also helps.
  • another trick is to grab the eyebrow muscle with thumb and forefinger and do the pinch and release method whilst moving along the muscle from the inside area between your eyes towards your temples. One eye at a time if you do it yourself.

If you can get somebody to do the above pressure massage on you, it feels much better so you can relax. However, you can easily apply it on yourself.

The Best Relief For Cough

That persistent cough is mostly annoying especially when you get the coughing fit at awkward moments.

10. The Golden Milk Secret. This is the remedy from Ayurveda whereby you mix a half teaspoon of turmeric with a cup of warm milk of your choice and drink it before bedtime. You can also add ground black pepper to make it stronger and honey for a better taste.

11. Drink Ginger Tea. 


I hope you find the above helpful and you can get rid of the cold fast. Please share any other methods that you have used and worked for you so we have more alternatives.


Note: Please note the above information is based on my own experience of using the products and how I benefit from it. You should not use the information to treat any health problem without first consulting your doctor. Also, I never use all the above at the same time. Try one at a time and see how it works on you.


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8 thoughts on “Natural Remedies To Common Cold – 11 Fast Relief Methods

  1. I think this is sooo helpful to me as I usually get sick quite often. Even if it is not the cold I am sure this can help with other sicknesses. I hate the common cold and really try everything in my power to stop it immediately. I will definitely use these tips next time and send it to some of my friends who are sick. 

  2. Hi Marisa,

    I really enjoyed reading your post about natural methods to help with common colds. My question is: which methods would you recommend for children? I have 5 and they are always coming home with some sort of sniffle. I hate using medicines and would much prefer using a natural alternative. Thanks in advance, Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, I would recommend to include the golden milk as part of their diet. I’ve seen many families give it to their children when in India. Its easy to prepare and if you add some nice honey they will love it. The golden milk can also be taken as preventive method. Thank you for writing. 

  3. I love your site, as something that I am extremely interested in as I have studied nutrition and the effects that nutrition has on our immune system, and diseases…

    I have dealt with cancer more times that I would like to admit through family members. The latest one was my 20 year old who just finished his last treatment of chemo… He was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  We all know there are better alternatives to chemo and what it does to all the good stuff going on in our bodies…  So I will definitely be back to your site in the future, to see more of your post.

    The only suggestion that I would have on your site, is to take each one of the remedies and let them be more searchable. Maybe have each sickness and it’s remedy on a separate drop down list, so when people are sick, they can go straight to the sickness, see what they should do without having to scroll through articles.

    Anyway… Great job…

    I’ll be back, Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for sharing your experience, also for your comments and suggestions. I really recommend everyone to look into Ayurveda when it comes to natural healing. There is so much to learn and benefit from it. 

      I already thought of classifying a bit more on what goes under health and what more on beauty so now you convinced me. Thank you for following. Take care

  4. Hi Marisa,

    I often struggle with the common cold and running nose. Even today I am struggling with it and while doing some research online I came across your helpful and informative post.

    Mostly 95% I avoid going to the doctor and prefer natural remedies. The title of your post got my interest and attention so immediately I started reading it.

    The relief methods you shared is doable and easy. I just bookmarked your post for future reference and I am going to try  The Golden Milk Secret right now.

    My grandma used to give me Moringa juice and I used to get immediate relief. This is based on my own experience. 

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for sharing your insights. Moringa is used in Ayurveda as it is anti inflammatory and I will try Moringa tea next time round, based on your experience. I’m happy you liked the article and hope the turmeric milk helps with your cold. Take care. 

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