How Is Nasya Done and Does It Clean Out Sinuses?

How Is Nasya Done and Does It Clean Out Sinuses?

What Is Nasya Treatment?

Nasya treatment in Ayurveda is one of the therapies used in Ayurveda Panchakarma to eliminate toxins. Nasya in the Sanskrit language means related to the nose. It is a method whereby medicated oil drops are applied to the nostrils.

The whole concept of Ayurveda detoxification and rejuvenation is to unclog any stagnation in the body channels and stimulate the flow of energy in the body.

Nasya treats the upper part of the body, from the chest upwards.

So, basically, Nasya is dedicated to the cleansing of the nasal passageways, which will also benefit the ears, eyes, head, throat, and chest area.

How is Nasya Done?

The basic method of Nasya therapy is the infusing of medicated Ayurvedic oil into the nostrils. The oil is warmed before application.

The ritual of Nasya may vary depending on where you do the Nasya therapy.

At some wellness centers, practitioners give a scalp and shoulder massage with oils before the Nasya.

Some clinics may include steam inhalation with essential oils. A mix of minty oils, like eucalyptus, and other oils that are good for the nasal passageways are used.

Inhalation breaks any clogging in the mucus membrane area.

The eyes are normally covered with cotton rings soaked in rosewater. These will protect the eyes from the steam.

Again, depending on where you get the Nasya done, if you are lucky Nasya treatment may also be preceded by a facial massage. The main marma or pressure points on the face are massaged to help open the energy channels in the head area.

Warm towels are also wrapped around your face to keep you warm during the treatment, and to open the channels and pores.

After the pampering mentioned above, where the patient is normally sitting on a chair, now you are ready for the oil sniffing. Whilst lying down, the therapist will administer drops of medicated oil to each of your nostrils.

As you inhale deeply, the practitioner will massage your nostril on the outside. Then you are asked to sniff several times and spit out any liquid that goes into your mouth. This may be followed by gargling water with salt.

The toxins will come out through the mouth.

This last part can be a bit tiresome as you are inhaling deeply and you feel the drops moving in your throat. When you feel an irritation in your throat, you spit out the phlegm, or gargle, and feel the medicine coming out.

After the sniffing of oil, the therapist may massage your hands and feet to bring balance to your body. Since all the attention was on the head area during the treatment, it feels good. And Ayurveda is all about body balancing, the reason why it is called a holistic healing method.

Ayurveda treats the mind, body, and soul.

Watch this short video by Kerala tourism in South India, to get an idea of the ritual carried out during a Nasya treatment.

Is Nasya Painful?

Not at all. Nasya therapy is not painful. You will receive a lot of pampering before, during, and after the Nasya treatment. This will help you relax throughout the therapy session.

You may feel a tickling sensation in your nose and your throat as the liquid oil is moving through the passageway, but it is nothing you cannot put up with.

The smell of oils may be strong for some people.

Nasya Oil Benefits for Sinusitis and Other Ailments

Nasya oil is a traditional concocted Ayurvedic oil prepared with organic and natural herbs and oils.

Nasya is particularly known to help with disorders of the head, nasal congestion, and to clear the sinuses.

Nasya, however, has many other benefits and it helps:

  • headache
  • brain fog
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • concentration
  • stiffness of the jaw and neck
  • breathing problems
  • eyes
  • hair (loss of hair, dandruff, premature graying of hair)
  • chest
  • eliminate toxins
  • sinus pressure
  • allergies
  • head-related issues
  • running nose
  • insomnia
  • enhance good facial skin
  • rejuvenating
  • nasal dryness
  • reduce snoring

Ayurveda Nasya Oil

In Ayurveda, there are many types of medicated oils used for various therapies.

When you purchase Nasya oil make sure all the ingredients are natural. The decoction of oils used to put in the nostrils must be of edible oils and herbs.

Can You Use Nasya Oil Daily?

You can use Nasya oil daily to cleanse the nostrils from everyday contamination. Administer 3-5 drops in each nostril about an hour before going to bed and at least an hour after having your dinner.

Also if you wake up with an awful and terrible stuffy nose, and you can´t breathe properly, you can apply Nasya oil drops in the morning.

My Experience with Nasya

I´m familiar with Ayurveda treatments because I have been on a Panchakarma program twice.

I have now decided to try the Nasya treatment to heal anosmia. I lost my sense of smell, and my nostrils seem to dehydrate, especially during the change of weather.

Upon arrival at the clinic, I was given instructions and information about the Nasya procedure.

The Ayurvedic therapist was very attentive and she gave me a nice firm head massage with medicated oils, then I had the inhalation, followed by the application of oil in the nostrils.

I did not feel any uncomfortable sensation in the throat, however, I had to spit out the oil and toxins many times during the treatment. The therapist applied the medicated oil 5 times in each nostril. Each time I was asked to clear my throat and expel any excess saliva and oil.

You can feel the benefits on the spot. Depending on your health condition this may vary, but you do feel the chest opening and if you have any brain fog, it clears out.

All in all the Nasya treatment was pleasant. I was a bit tired after the session and I slept immediately after I arrived home.

As a follow-up, I´ll be applying Nasya oil at home. Hopefully, it will help with anosmia.

In addition, I´m taking Ashwagandha root powder to enhance the immune system during the cold weather.

I will update this post when and if I have any positive results.

Note: If you live in Madrid and would like to give Nasya treatment a try, check Harit Ayurveda here.


In this article, I explain how Nasya treatment is done, and list the benefits of using Nasya oil.

We are exposed to dust, smoke, pollution, dry air, and pollen every day. Cleaning the nasal passages is a good practice to keep your nasal passages clear.

Stagnation in any part of your body and blockages that are neglected will eventually lead to diseases.

The nose is the gateway to the head, sinuses, and chest.

The Nasya treatment is nourishing, and calming for the entire nervous system. In Ayurveda terms, it is known as purifying your doshas.

If you suffer from a stuffy nose, dry nose, congestion, or brain fog, and you´d like to take the natural route, then it is worth trying Ayurveda Nasya therapy to clean out your sinuses.

You can find Nasya oil at a local holistic pharmacy or on Amazon

You can either go to an Ayurveda or Wellness clinic for a complete and pampering detox Nasya session, or you can apply the oil yourself at home, either on a daily basis or when you feel the need to soothe and moisturize your sinuses.

WARNING: do not apply Nasya oil if you have just eaten, or consumed alcohol, if you have a cold, flu, or sinus infection, or are pregnant. Always check with your doctor if you suffer from any health condition so that Nasya oil does not interfere with your medicine.


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  1. This article is very informative, I didn’t know about this and now I want to try it. It sound like it would be very relaxing and I love essential oils. 

    I also always have headaches, head colds, sleep problems, and stress. I will need to buy some of that oil. I saved your webpage to go back to it. I have used peppermint oils to help with headaches before. I would put the drops on my fore head on the back of my neck.

    thank you!

    1. Hi Reggie, Nasya definitely helps with headaches, insomnia, and stress (don´t accept to be in pain, or continuous stress, do something about it). I highly recommend the pampering, and it is a natural product. Thank you for writing, and have a nice day.

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