Best Home Foot Massager for 2021

Best Home Foot Massager for 2021

Those sensual foot rubs aren’t doing it for you? What your feet need is to take them into oblivion and we’ve got the right and best home foot massager and foot spas for you. Read on.

Take a minute and look at your feet – Your tired, perhaps sore, worn out calloused, bad feet.

You’re spending hundreds on mani-pedis to make your hands and legs look like diamonds but have you ever given it the love it needs?

You buy fitness trackers and watch your step count. You walk around all day in your high heels looking pretty.

If I were your feet, I’d snap.

Your feet need an invigorating massage and we’ve brought you some of the best home foot massagers. They’re mostly unisex so you don’t have to splurge on extra for your partner.

If you think foot massagers are a waste of money, you should know they activate the nervous system when used, which thus releases brain chemicals such as endorphin (also known as the happy hormone) or natural pain reliever.

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Here are the top 7 home foot massagers for you

Best Overall Foot Spa

Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Product Description: Popularly known as the athlete’s choice, the Ivation is especially helpful for people handling heavy physical work. The massager is a combination of hydrotherapy, heat therapy, acupressure and shiatsu. The device works throughout the feet from the ankles of your legs to the tip of your toes.

Design and Quality: The Ivation is constructed with several water jets that protrude calming bubbles that release your tensed feet into the abyss. The excitement your feet receive from its vibrations resemble the same feeling you receive when you insert your electric toothbrush.

Product Features:

  • Massage rollers to knead soles
  • Provides both cold water and hot water bath
  • Added brush, pumice and carry handle

Best Budget Foot Spa

Conair Waterfall Food Pedicure Spa

Product Description: Want acupressure, exfoliation and baby skin all in one go? The Conair Waterfall Spa comes with foot rollers to settle the nerves on your feet. The loofah discs scrub your feet gently with a soft mellow. Exfoliate the skin of your feet and release all your constraining force.

Design and Quality: This home foot spa massager is designed to be spacious to completely immerse your feet. No need of bending down sixty degrees to press the buttons as you can turn them on with your toes.

Product Features:

  • 3 separate attachments
  • Machine operated
  • Appealing LED lights

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

Product Description: This home foot spa massager is where convenience meets affordability. Scared of the puddle of mess tubs produce when you immerse your feet? Is that why you don’t do pedicures at home? The HoMedics is constructed with a splash-proof tab that keeps the water in no matter how much you kick your feet. The bubbles that the Fb-55 produces remove all the bad juju hiding in between your toes.

Design and Quality: This home foot spa massager is designed with raised nodes throughout the surface that tickle your feet and bring in delight. The device comes with a removable pumice stone that returns the soul to your calloused feet.

Product Features:

  • Toe-touchable controls
  • Affordable price
  • Splash-proof tub

Best Overall Foot Massager

Arealer Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Product Description: Revive your feet with a healthy massage by the Arealer massage machine. This home foot spa massager is built with 5 modes to roll, knead, scrape, press and massage your tired feet. The silicone surface works in the Shiatsu method and the airbag accelerates metabolism. The 3D structure is a transformation set for your feet.

Design and Quality: This is one of the lightest foot massagers with a weight of 7 lbs. and so portable. The Arealer fits US sizes 4.5 to 11.

Product Features:

  • 3D dimension
  • Simultaneously working airbag and roller
  • Remote control operated

Kendal All in One Foot Spa Massager

Product Description: What if your feet had a jacuzzi for themselves? The Kendal works as a noise-free mini-jacuzzi and more. The temperature of the foot bath ranges between 20°C and 48°C that you can control with a remote control. This home foot spa massager is reliable enough to not burn your feet as it is fitted with two LED light indicators – Blue for temperature below 42°C and red for above 42°C.

Design and Quality: This All-in-one spa bath comes motorized rollers for your heels and more for your calves, targeting complete blood circulation. The bottom has fixtures for detachable wheels in case you want to shift your spot closer to the TV.

Product Features:

  • Air nozzles for oxygenated bubbles
  • High speed water heater
  • Self-draining hose

Miko Shiatsu Deep Tilt Foot Massager

Product Description: Looking for the original shiatsu massage? While this foot massager won’t unleash your inner dragon warrior, you will definitely plunge into a state of nirvana, feet first. Blood circulation is the major goal of this home foot spa massager and so it is fit with an adjustable air compression system and vibrations that stimulates the veins.

Design and Quality: The Miko comes with a wireless remote to adjust heating so you bend down only when you want to. The four chambers allow you to spread your feet for massage more evenly.

Product Features:

  • Clear manual for assembly
  • Auto power-off for safety
  • Washable liners

Dr. Scholl´s Foot Spa

Product Description: Wouldn’t it be fun to have a pedicure and foot massage at home together? Dr. Scholl’s foot spa machine is quite different. There is a massage roller fixed at the middle of the tub to keep your feet along with your arches under constant relaxation. The air nozzles across this home foot spa massager ooze out thousands of bubbles that breathe the life back in your feet.

Design and Quality: The Dr.Scholl’s spa machine comes with 5 pieces of pumice stones that can turn your cold hard feet to silk-textured lively beings. The spa bath is big enough for feet of size 12.

Product Features:

  • Retains heat for long
  • Added 5 pedicure tools
  • Tough rollers

Bottom Line

Some of the home foot spa massagers work on heat therapy while others work on a combination of hydrotherapy and heat therapy. You can also add some Epsom salts or your favourite essential oil and create aromatherapy in the ones that work with water.

Using a foot massager for 15 to 30 minutes is enough if you want rejuvenated feet. Hope this article helps you select your best home foot massager or you can choose and give one as a perfect gift.


12 thoughts on “Best Home Foot Massager for 2021

  1. Great article on foot massagers. I did not realize just how many choices there were when making a decision on which one is best. There are so many awesome features to consider like hydro vs. heat and also aroma therapy and or adding Epsom salt, which I heard is excellent for detoxing. Thanks for the very informative article!

    1. Hi John, thank you for the comment and apologies for the late reply but I have only seen it today. There is nothing better than a foot massage after a long day. Anything that pampers the feet will make you feel great again. Glad you like the information.

  2. Great article on foot massagers. I did not realize just how many choices there were when making a decision on which one is best. There are so many awesome features to consider like hydro vs. heat and also aroma therapy and or adding Epsom salt, which I heard is excellent for detoxing. Thanks for the very informative article!

  3. Heard of the goodness of using a good foot massager especially someone like me who has to stand most of the time at work, I’ve been searching for one of those good foot massagers but didn’t know where I’d be able to get one and now that you have shared this, I’m really pushed to buy one for myself at home.

    1. Hi Jackie, go ahead and treat yourself to a well deserved foot massage at the end of the day. It will only do you good. Thank you for writing and enjoy the treat. 

  4. This is great. I like the fact that you have helped to give the detailed view on this foot massages spas, and also featured the benefits of each to make the right choice when purchasing.

    I value the information you shared here with us. I will consider getting one for myself and my family. Thanks

  5. Hello there! Thank you very much for dropping this article on my best home foot massager. I’ve gone through it and it’s a very detailed one and contains information everyone should hold on to. I’m a big fan of pedicure and because of this I spend most of my weekends in spas. Little did I know that I could get home foot spa massagers, this is very important to me, thanks a lot. I’ll go for the ho medics bubble mat foot spa. Seeing as it’s convenient and affordable, I think it’s the best for me right now. Thank you. 

    1. Hi Sophie, thank you for writing. Glad to hear you enjoy the spa. I also love to go for pedicure treatment as I find it very relaxing. It is very convenient to have a foot spa at home. I can guarantee you will use it if you love the pampering.

  6. There is nothing better at the end of a long day to put you feet up, and what better way than to pamper your feet with a foot spa. These spas all have great features and I like the idea of adding Epsom salts to revitalize my feet even more. I do like the idea of the loofah disks on the Conair, but would like to know if the disks are removable to be able to clean them properly. The Invation Foot Spa Massager sounds exactly what I would like to have in an ideal foot spa.

    1. Hi, dipping your feet in warm water with salt is actually recommended to remove bad toxins you accumulate during the day, even if for a few minutes. Oh! And yes, the loofah discs are removable if you wish to pull them out to clean. Thank you for writing. 

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