Why Are My Eyes Itchy? – Find Natural Solutions

Why Are My Eyes Itchy? – Find Natural Solutions

Have you ever had dry and puffy eyes that ITCH, BURN, HURT and also had BLURRED VISION and a coarse sandy feeling in your eyes, ALL IN ONE DAY? aHHH!! And you keep asking, WHY ARE MY EYES ITCHY?

You have no idea how it feels having to work on a computer and you can hardly focus, it’s horrible. Or probably you do if you are here looking for information. I´m sorry about that.

Well, unfortunately this happened to me on most days during this week and yesterday was the worst day ever.


How To Relieve Itchy Eyes ?

As usual, I research online and collecting information here and there, I have come up with a list of home remedies, which I have decided to share with you further below. These are natural treatments that you can do at home, that have worked for me, or at least helped me minimise the discomfort.

Why Do Eyes Itch? – Let´s Find Out

Unless there´s an underlying disease that you don´t know about, eyes generally become dry because there´s a lack of tears. This commonly happens during the change of weather, especially nearing Autumn or Winter or when there´s pollen during Spring.

It can also be a change of hormones especially with women, or continuous staring at a computer or screen, without blinking your eyes. Other causes can be lack of lubrication due to ageing, or simply tired eyes owing to lack of sleep.

Should we neglect the condition the eyes become dehydrated and that´s where they start hurting you BIG TIME! And there´s a probability you start getting infections or it can lead to more serious illness.

How To Prevent Dry Eyes? – Easy Tips To Fix Straight Away

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Use a humidifier when the room is too dry.
  3. Add more Vitamin A & Vitamin C rich food and omega-3 fatty acids into your diet.
  4. Eat more yoghurt.

Dry Eyes Natural Treatments – Include Them As Your Eye Routine

So here is the list I promised before. It´s a QUICK checklist to relieve the pain when it occurs and helps stimulate natural moisture in your eyes. Or simply include it in your routine to maintain eye health.

CUCUMBER SLICES. Rich in Vitamin A. Cut two thin slices and put them on both eyes, lay down and relax for 15 minutes.

CASTOR OIL DROPS. Rich in Fatty Acids. This was the rescue KING for me this time around. One drop inside each eye of organic cold-pressed castor oil has finally treated my itchy and dry eyes. It did feel thick once in the eye and got a bit blurry and red eyes until it cleared, but by morning I was feeling good.


Castor Seeds

Castor Oil

COCONUT OIL. Anti-inflammatory. Put organic cold-pressed coconut oil on your fingertips and circle gently around the eyes for a couple of minutes. Repeat as needed until the oil is absorbed.

SPLASH WATER ON YOUR EYES. Either warm or room temperature water will do. Just splash the water onto your eyes or when you are in the shower let the water slide from your forehead onto your closed eyes. Relax.

WARM CLOTH to increase blood circulation. Soak a soft cloth in warm water, then squeeze the water out and press the cloth on your eyes. When the cloth gets cold dip it again in the warm water and repeat. Relax.

EXERCISE. Move the eye up, down, left and right a few times, then from one corner looking up to the other corner looking down, look at the tip of your nose. Then press your eyes closed for a while and release. Do this a couple of times. After this, rub your palms together and when you feel the heat place them gently over your eyes. Do not press, just feel the heat and relax. Don´t forget to blink several times during the day to provoke natural tears.

why are my eyes itchy-rolling-eyes

SALIVA ON YOUR EYELIDS. Saliva acts as a lubricant and antimicrobial. When the eyelids feel heavy with dryness, lick your index or middle finger or spit on it and with your wet finger walk or tap along lightly over your eyelids.

ROSEWATER. Anti-Inflammatory. Calming and Relaxing. It can be used both as eye drops and also to cleanse around your eye area for hydration. OR you can soak two cotton rings and place them gently over your eyes for 10 minutes. Relax.

TEA BAGS. Place two used teabags (not hot) over your eyes and rest for 10-15 minutes.

Get Healthy Eyes

Do not let the course of life and lifestyle, especially if urban, take the toll on your eye health. Do not wait until you ask, WHY ARE MY EYES ITCHY? Take good care of them before a problem pops up.

Of course, if none of the above work for you, and your eyes are still aching, then the best solution is to go see your doctor. Hope you find the above useful and please do comment below if you find any other remedy that is effective.


6 thoughts on “Why Are My Eyes Itchy? – Find Natural Solutions

  1. I think itchy eyes is something that happens to all of us at one time or another. I love that you included nutritional information on how to combat this too – it’s a good reminder that when something on your body isn’t working right, vitamins and nutrition can generally help. I will be adding more yogurt into my diet after this! Thanks for the great article!


    1. Hi Misty, Thank you for your comments. I´m having more Kefir lately as I´ve read it has more probiotic bacteria and anti-microbial activity. Have a good evening.

  2. What perfect timing! My eyes have been itchy and dry all day! They were driving me nuts! Thanks for the education on why and then the multiple solutions! The ones I have tried are working!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lisa, You are most welcome. I know the feeling and glad it was of some help. I am still using the castor oil during this week even though my eyes are hydrated okay now. Take care.

  3. Great article and very informative article, my eyes are getting dry very often and I’m so glad I found your article. You listed all the reasons why eyes can get dry and also explained how to fix that. Some of your advices I never heard before, like eating more yogurt. I will definitely use your advice and see if that helps me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Marius, Thank you for writing. Yoghurt, Kefir and other fermented food have probiotic properties that help boost your immune system so it is good to include them in your diet. Also make sure to sleep enough to rest your eyes and feel better. Take care.

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