What Equipment Do You Need for YOGA?

What Equipment Do You Need for YOGA?


GREAT, so you have been reading about the HEALTH benefits of practising YOGA and you are now curious and ready to give a yoga class a try. You do your research and find a class in the neighbourhood. Now you will question; WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU NEED FOR YOGA?


Basically, if you are attending a Yoga class you do not need to take any equipment with you. Usually yoga studios provide you with any props required during the class.

Unless it is an outdoor yoga class, where no equipment is available and you will have to bring your own. At the very least you would need a mat and a bottle of water.

In time, if you enjoy the class it is more likely you would want to continue practising, then perhaps it is wise to have some yoga accessories of your own.

Yoga lovers tend to dedicate a room or a space at home for yoga practice.

Here below you will find some Yoga Essentials that you may like to have, as well as a nice selection of Yoga Wear.

Please note that prices may change or vary.


1.Anti Slippery & Environmentally Friendly

An important feature to look for when buying a yoga mat, is that it is anti slippery.  You do not want to be sliding along with your mat whilst you are changing posture during your exercise.

Yogimat PRO violett, 183 x 61 cm x 5 mm

Yogimat PRO violett, 183 x 61 cm x 5 mm

Price: 35.00€

Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Measures: 183 x 61 cm x 5 mm.


2. 100% Cotton & with A Prominent OM design

The beauty of Asanas or Yoga Poses is they are ideal for every level. Being a beginner, or if you have not been practising often, your muscles won´t be so flexible, so if you need some extra help to reach your toes in a sitting forward bend or to lift both your legs up when lying on your back, then the yoga-strap will come in very handy.

yogibelt Yoga-Strap OM, Gray, 300 x 4 cm

yogibelt Yoga-Strap OM, Gray, 300 x 4 cm

Price: 16.50€

Material: 100% Cotton

Measures: 300 x 4 cm.


3. Made of Natural Cork

Some Asanas may be challenging when you are a beginner, however there is no need to stress yourself as you can use blocks, also called bricks, as an extension or for support.

Yoga block - yogiblock cork

Yoga block – yogiblock cork

Price for Basic Model: 9.50€

The Cork block comes in 3 different sizes and prices.

Basic Model Measures:  23 x 12 x 7.4 cm


4. Soft Wool from the Kashmir Region in North India

It is common at the end of a Yoga class; 5 minutes are dedicated to relaxation and 5 minutes to meditation. This may vary depending on the type of class. When you are active during the practice of exercises you are warm, but when you are lying down inactive your body temperature drops.

This is when a blanket or shawl is useful to cover yourself to keep warm and enjoy the unwinding and relaxation time.

Meditation Shawl Kashmiri, wine red

Meditation Shawl Kashmiri, wine red

Price: 36.95€

Material: Soft, high quality wool

Measures: aprox 100 x 200 cm.


5. A Round Bag with Enough Pockets and Storage Space

It is practical to have a good yoga bag to organise your accessories and be able to carry it along to your class.

Yogabag Sat Nam, Nylon, Bordeaux

Yogabag Sat Nam, Nylon, Bordeaux

Price: 20.95€

Material: 100% Nylon

Measures:  For yoga mats up to 75 cm width.



It is essential to wear comfortable clothing for a yoga class; a pair of loose cotton trousers, a cotton T-Shirt or top, socks and comfortable underwear including a sports bra.

1. 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

A comfortable V-neck T-Shirt with an imprinted flower of harmony symbol. It is made of durable cotton that will last for years.

Yoga Shirt short sleeve "Flower of Harmony", white

Yoga Shirt short sleeve “Flower of Harmony”, white

Price: 48.95€

Material: 100% Cotton

Sizes:  For Female. Comes in 4 sizes; S, M, L & XL


2. 100% Organic Cotton Tank Top

A lovely sleeveless V-neck Tank Top  with an imprinted flower of harmony symbol. It is made of durable cotton that will last for years.

Yoga Top Women "Flower of Harmony", white

Yoga Top Women “Flower of Harmony”, white

Price: 39.90€

Material: 100% Cotton

Sizes:  For Female. Comes in 4 sizes; S, M, L & XL


3. Ecotex & 70% Breathable Bamboo Fabric

A stylish body hugging men´s Tank Top, with a flower of harmony symbol imprinted inside the neck area. Absorbs the sweat and prevents odour.

Yoga Tank Top Men Bamboo, White

Yoga Tank Top Men Bamboo, White

Price: 35.90€

Mix Material: 70% Bamboo Viscose, 25% Cotton, 5% Elastane

Sizes:  For Male. Comes in 4 sizes; S, M, L & XL

Ecotex Standard 100


4. Cotton & Elastane

This is a comfortable and practical pair of trouser, ideal for both men and women.

Wellness Yoga pants unisex, Silver Grey

Wellness Yoga pants unisex, Silver Grey

Price: 48.95€

Mix Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

The Cotton is 100% certified organic

Sizes:  Unisex. Comes in 5 sizes; S, M, L, XL & XXL


Do You YOGA? Please Share and Tell US What Yoga Prop YOU Use and Why?

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12 thoughts on “What Equipment Do You Need for YOGA?

  1. Hello Marisa, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. My wife enjoys practicing yoga so I see this article as a great way to discover what she needs and buy it for her. Thank you for doing a great job by presenting what is necessary for yoga, you saved me lol!

    1. Hi, you are most welcome. That is nice of you to buy the yoga items for your wife. I´m sure she will like them. Cheers! 

  2. Oh! This is really great and to say I found this very useful would be an understatement. This is very great to see here especially for a beginner like I am. Right from time, I have always had a special place for yoga in my heart but I did not have the time. Now, it is part of my new year resolution and this information is just timely for me. Getting majority of these suggestions would really go a long way. Thanks

    1. Hi, I´m glad you like the information and hope you manage to start yoga in the new decade. Yoga is highly beneficial to our health. Thank you for writing. 

  3. Great post! I started practicing yoga at home. All I have bought so far is a yoga mat and a plastic water bottle. I saw a lot of interesting things in the shots, like various sponges, massagers, balls. This article gave me great ideas on what else to use. I like Jogibelt the most because I am currently working on my flexibility so this will be very helpful to me.

    1. Hi, thank you for your nice words. I´m always pleased to hear more people are practising yoga. The Yoga belt is good for stretches where you cannot reach easily. Keep exercising. 

  4. This is not so much requirements. It’s something that a person should be able to get without so much stress. The way you have also pointed everything out makes it easy to note. I didn’t know that there was some requirements for one to get in a yoga mat too. This is something I want to start doing for my stress. I’d prefer to yoga at home with some video lessons. Thanks!

    1. Hi, if you are disciplined and can manage to do yoga frequently at home, that is fantastic. Thank you for writing.  

  5. Hey Marisa, Thank you for writing on WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU NEED FOR YOGA? I enjoyed while reading your post and find it useful for all. I recently started yoga and bought some equipment for doing yoga. I bought Anti Slippery & Environmentally Friendly. It is very useful for me. I hope everyone must need while doing yoga. Your guide is awesome. Thank you.

  6. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about equipment needed for yoga;  and also the explanation given.

    I wanted to start yoga but I didn’t know exactly what kind of equipment I needed. I searched for many articles on the internet but I didn’t find much when I found this article I found out everything I needed.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Hi, I´m glad you found the information and articles useful. Many thanks for writing and for sharing. Cheers!

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