The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity | Book Review

The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity | Book Review


I purchased the book ´The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity´, about 20 years ago when I was travelling in Australia, and from time to time I still refer to it to revise information regarding body & mind balancing techniques.


Besides Ayurveda, I find Taoism also interesting as a self-guide to a natural and balanced lifestyle.


Taoism is a Chinese philosophy that highlights the importance of living in harmony with the universe and nature.

A Bestseller

The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity by Daniel Reid, is a bestseller whereby the author explains to the Western world, various basic aspects of health, sex and life expectancy, as practised in classical China for more than 5000 years.

Introduction to the Book

The introduction talks about the history of Taoism in China and The Tao in China as it is practised today. There´s a description of the Yin & Yang energy and how they complement each other, and also information about the five elements of nature, that unite men with the universe.

The description and list of the Cast of Taoist Characters will bring to life the historical personalities and their roles and professions at the time.

The Content

The content of the book is then divided into 3 more sections, titled Health, Sex & Longevity; each one of them having various chapters;

The Tao of Health

  • diet and nutrition
  • fasting
  • the art of breathing
  • exercise and healing.

The Tao of Sex

  • yin and yang forces
  • ejaculation control
  • and Taoist bedroom arts.

The Tao of Longevity

How You can Make Good Use of The Book

You can either read the book sequentially, else, since each chapter has it´s subheading, you can always proceed to the section you are interested in at the moment; being eating right for health and longevity, or total relaxation exercises, Taoist birth control, sex therapy and so on.

Most sections come with illustrations to make it easier to understand, for example, a yoga posture, breathing exercise, or a sex position.

When you have covered a few sections of the book you can benefit by following the simple diet rules on what to eat and how to eat, perhaps try some recipes or recommended home remedies, learn how to deep breathe properly and more. There are many how to methods that you can follow.

Most important of all is that you can learn and practice at your own pace, try things out and see what goes well and what not for you, and enjoy a good read as well.

My Recommendation

I do enjoy reading a few paragraphs when I´m after some information or before I go to sleep and I am sure you will find the book useful aside from interesting and educational. I believe that every home should have a copy of this book.

The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity is a non-fiction book, and it is for every person who is concerned about good health and is investigating the natural alternative and holistic way of healing and prevention.

Should you wish to get a copy of this book for yourself or to gift it to someone you can purchase it here;

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