How is Sex Good for Your Health? And a Longer Life

How is Sex Good for Your Health? And a Longer Life


Having sex is a basic human need, just like eating, breathing and sleeping; thus sex is of importance for your physiological health and mental well-being, much like food, air and rest. Therefore, you may be wondering:- How is sex good for your health?

Below I will share information about the Eastern views about sex and body mind sexual union, mainly from Indian and Chinese culture, as well as Western studies related to health benefits of sex activities.

Sex according to Indian Ayurveda

Ayurveda associates sex to the three doshas, that are on their part connected to the five elements of nature (ether, air, fire, water, earth).

The three doshas are Vata (ether,air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water, earth), and all three doshas are active during the sexual act. Pitta is responsible for the desire of sex, Vata is accountable for all physical action whilst Kapha gives potency.


Knowing your Prakruti (your predominant dosha) will help you understand the sexual needs of your partner.

  • Vata type is the creative type and tends to fantasise more and require less physical sex and inclines to be easily fatigued.
  • Pitta type is more romantic and have high desire for sex and is able to balance it out.
  • Kapha type is slow in nature and takes longer to be aroused, but afterwards is potent and lasts longer.

Definition of Ancient KAMASUTRA

KamaSutra is ancient Indian text regarding courtship, marriage, love-making and sexual positions.

According to KamaSutra, the body, mind and soul are blended during intimacy and all the senses are being stimulated.

The facts are contradictory to modern concept of KamaSutra, that associates it all with artful sexual postures.

In real fact, KamaSutra is less about the practice of sex and more about the control of sexuality, and the relationship between the couple and their everyday life.

Sex according to Chinese Taoism

Sexual relations from a Taoist view is about the correlation of the YIN (female) and YANG (male) balancing of the energies.

Breathing is important to get the Chi energy flowing. Chi is life force or bio electromagnetic power.

In ancient China Tao Masters used to teach their Emperors & Empresses the fundamentals of sexual activities, not only for greater pleasure when having sex, but also to prolong their life.

Sexual energy is not merely the act of having sex, it is how you can manage to connect with the world and enhance your vital energy.

Tao states the liver dwells anger and frustration, the spleen and stomach houses the worry, the lungs hold the grief and the kidneys store fear and trauma.

Sexual energy if used correctly has the strongest healing power. Sexual secretions contain various pure biochemically active elements, nutrients and proteins.

All the vital energy consumed from the universe, is stored in the organs in the central body area and 25% of it is stored in the sexual organs to have the energy required to procreate. However, according to Tao, in regard to men, unless you are aiming at having babies, ejaculating is synonym to spoiling your own medicine. Tao teaches you how to retain that energy and reinstate it into your body or your brain.

The method is to contract or squeeze your anal muscles to avoid orgasm when you are close, and then either pull up that energy to your organs, and your body gets stronger once that same energy goes back to the organs. Or else pull the energy through your spine to reach to your brain, aiming for spirituality.

This is the same thing as having an orgasm without an ejaculation. Men who have managed to practice and reach this state have said they will not go back to the past method, as you feel more energetic and healthy.

Western science is today constantly proving what Tao and Ayurveda have believed and taught for years.

Health Benefits of Sexual Activity

Studies and proven methods and measures in the West reveal sexual activity have potential health benefits, both physical and psychological. Swedish men and women who have regular sex (coitus in particular) have better mental health, young women from the US have improved their mood and suffer from less depression with regular sex.

  • Sex boosts your immune system and prevents diseases
  • Sex is the best exercise and can reduce calories
  • Sex relaxes you and helps you have a good rest
  • Sex reduces depression
  • Sex reduces headaches
  • Sex releases physical and menstrual pain
  • Sex may prevent prostate cancer

And there´s more.

  • During sexual love and the excitement, seratonin is released and you feel happy.
  • Sex increases your heart rate, intensifies your breathing, tenses the muscles and rises your blood pressure.
  • Having sex make you look younger.
  • Sex is also good fun.

Sex is a terrific exercise especially for women´s pelvic floor muscles

I had once participated in a fantastic seminar focused on The Pelvic Floor as part of a Feldenkrais Method Workshop.

Feldenkrais is about awareness through movement.

During the weekend long session we spent the whole time lying on the floor, working out the pelvic muscles. It was a mixed group of males and females and everyone was impressed by how little and gentle exercise can do so much benefit to your body and the way it functions.

how is sex good for your health-pelvic muscles

It is unlikely that you exercise and squeeze the many muscles of the pelvic area and glutes, even though you are active and do exercise (unless you practice yoga or similar holistic techniques.

During copulation and vaginal intercourse you are automatically exercising the whole pelvic area around the reproductive organs by contracting and relaxing movements.

You can also experiment during sex play to discover the pelvic muscles and notice how you feel when contracting and releasing these muscles.

Exploration during sex can be a fantastic way of being aware of your pelvic muscles, and learn how to exercise them more often to gain all the benefits. A healthy and strong pelvis will support your body and will function better.

Sex for Good Health

So how much sex is good for your health?

Well, it all depends on if you are male or female and if you are able to master it. As long as sex does not become an addiction and can be controlled then it will do you good.

According to Tao, females may have multiple orgasm and do not lose any energy whilst men are discouraged to have many orgasms as it will make them weaker. 

Do you believe the ancient philosophy of the East with regards to holistic sexual practice can spice up your sex life?


The Relative Health Benefits of Different Sexual Activities


10 thoughts on “How is Sex Good for Your Health? And a Longer Life

  1. I have heard a lot about how sex is good for your health and because of the many benefits that come with it,especially how it enlightens your mental state and every nerve and tissue working… I must say sex is one of the best ways to exercise the whole body; and a body that is engaged in exercise lives longer.

  2. I completely agree with the health benefits of sex started in this article. Also it has a great benefits on the immune system such that people who had frequent sex (one to two times a week) had more immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva while people who had infrequent sex (less than once a week) had significantly less IgA. Nice article.

  3. This has been really informative and enlightening. I’ve always known that sex energy is one of the greatest forces. It carries a lot of potential of which the perpetuation of mankind is one of them. I think 💭 the ancient philosophies regarding sex was more of a spiritual practice, a way to call upon a very special form of energy. It is indeed healthy. Thanks for sharing 

  4. Just what I needed to read today. This is a fantastic article and I will definitely be sharing this with my spouse. After reading this I realized I have been having sex the wrong way!!! I do believe that part of having an orgasm for men will make you weaker and tired I am so ready to try the technique described here in your article about holding the orgasm in. Now I have to just wait to be done with work and head home to practice this all weekend. thank you for the exciting information.

  5. I think westerners view of Kamasutra is just only one element of it which is the positions. If we combine all the elements then it would help with the relationships or marriage. I agree that having a healthy sex life is good for your health. 

    I think it was the STDs back in the days that discouraged us from having a healthy sex life. I think we all need to be educated more about healthy sex life and practice it safely so we can get all the benefits that sex can give us. 

    1. Hi Nuttanee, the Kamasutra brought to the west was only in the form of books about sex postures and that is how we learn about it. However, there is a total holistic approach to it, regarding the relationship and marriage day to day life. Thank you so much for writing and sharing your views. 

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