Automatic Oil Press Machine For Home Use

Automatic Oil Press Machine For Home Use

Have you ever considered getting your own automatic oil press machine for home use? If yes, then you would like to hear that small automatic oil press machines for home use are easily available, and AT AFFORDABLE PRICES.

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Guy pressing black cumin seed oil in Turkey

Yay, isn’t that great.

If you landed here it is because you are thinking of making your own freshly pressed oils.

At the present times, people are becoming more health-conscious. And just like growing your own natural home produce, it is also becoming popular to extract your own pure oils to obtain full nutrition from seeds, nuts, beans and fruit.

The machines can make the work much easier for you than having to expel oil manually, and you can benefit from sourcing pure and fresh edible oil for uses other than in the kitchen. For example:

  • Massage,
  • Skincare,
  • Making soaps etc.

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Refined Oil vs. UnRefined Oil

How do you distinguish between refined and unrefined oil.

Check the Colour, Flavour and Odour.

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Automatic Oil Press Machines For Home Use-virgin_oil

The commercial and refined type of oil has a neutral colour, less flavour and fewer odours. This is due to the processing method that includes bleaching and deodorising for a longer shelf life. The end product has a low percentage of nutritional value.

Homemade or small-scale unrefined type of oil is pure, has neither additives nor solvents or chemicals, less shelf life BUT is more nutritious. The oil has a brighter and darker colour, is very palatable, and an intense aroma.

Things to Consider When Buying an Oil Press Machine

Below is a list of what you should know before buying an oil press machine. CHECK IT OUT.

Initial Important Questions

  • What Type of Raw Material (seeds etc) would you like to press? Not all machines can expel oil from all types of grains and fruit, though the majority can press up to nearly 20 oil types.
  • Processing Capacity. What Quantity and at What Frequency? Do you plan to expel a large quantity of oil on a daily basis or occasionally for home use? Decide between a mini, small machine and one specific for the type of seed you want to focus on. Or a commercial one, maybe with multiple screws, if you intend to start a small business. 

Easy to Connect, Use and Dismantle for cleaning

The most popular expelling machine for home use is the screw type machine that is;

  1. Easy to set up,
  2. Easy to operate and
  3. Easy to dismantle for cleaning purposes. Simply by pulling out a bolt and the screw and chamber are easily undone.
  4. Use at intervals of 4-5 hours. Give it a rest of 1 hour in between. If it is a more mechanically advanced machine it can be operated for up to 7-8 consecutive hours.

How to Use an Automatic Oil Press Machine

Basically, the raw material; seeds, fruit, beans, or nuts are first placed on a tray cylinder. These seeds would automatically pass onto a thick screw that grinds and crushes the grains with continued pressure until the oil seeps through a fine opening into the receptacle, which is usually included. The shells are separated during the process and this waste is extracted through a different outlet into another container.

The screw oil press machine requires low maintenance.

Simple Design & Material

The screw-type machine is ideal for home use and also for commercial use. The machine is usually of simple design, made of food-grade 300 series stainless steel, and the cheaper machines are made in China or India, and the quality is good.


  1. Electric and consumes less.
  2. Temperature controlling system. Temperatures range from 60-99ºC.
  3. Heat up button before usage (requires about 5minutes heating)
  4. Clean up button for after use.
  5. Fast and efficient.
  6. No oil spilling
  7. One year warranty is the norm. (by that time you would have earned back the initial costs with all the money saved off from buying good quality oils).

Convenient and Economical

  • You can press oils in the comfort of your home.
  • You can use it on a daily basis or whenever you have the time.
  • The machines are ideal for home use, or you can make it a hobby, or even a small business.
  • Lightweight (average 10-12kg) so you can move it around. Maybe use it at home and at your restaurant.
  • Small machines are good value for money.
  • High yield oil expelling

Extraction ranges between 44-50% of oil.

Small Machines & A Variety of Raw Material To Press

The moisture and proper storage of the raw material are important for the viability of squeezing the oil from the oil press machine and for obtaining good quality oil.

It is advised to use dry seeds or fruit. Copra of coconut meat should be dried and cut into very small pieces, preferably grated.

Not recommended for olive oil press (favorite of many) unless you are prepared to remove the nut, which does contain oil.

The long list: Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, nuts, brazil nuts, castor bean, soybean, flaxseed, hemp seed, sunflower seed, safflower seed, white or black sesame seed, mustard seed, vegetable seed, pumpkin seed, coconut meat, etc.

Correct level of moisture yields high oil.

Automatic Oil Press Machines For Home Use-soybean
almoAutomatic Oil Press Machines For Home Use-nd_oil
Automatic Oil Press Machines For Home Use-seed_oil

Other Suggestions

  • Always check with the manufacturer if the machine is suitable for the seed or raw material you wish to press.
  • Check if it works before throwing away the packaging in case it has some fault and you need to return it.
  • Some people comment on the poor quality of the instruction booklets that come along with the machine. However, it is not difficult to figure it out.

Are You Convinced Yet?

  • Replace the mixed and refined off-the-shelf oils. Say YES to making your own natural and nutritious, chemical and additive-free oils.
  • An Automatic Oil press machine should be a must-have in every home.

You no longer have to buy the expensive oils so you can source the pure product. You buy your own seed, nut, bean or fruit and DO IT YOURSELF.

Enjoy Pure Organic Oil; freshly pressed oil always tastes better.


This article has given you an overview of the automatic oil press machines for home use. There are benefits to press your own fresh oil, mainly for health purposes, but the oils can also be used for massage and making soaps.

If you are willing to experiment and start making your own oils, there is a wide variety of machines you can choose from.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. It would be nice to have your feedback with any experience in extracting oils at home.


14 thoughts on “Automatic Oil Press Machine For Home Use

  1. Wow, i have never thought of the importance of using oil pressing machines before. I know my mum always talks of unrefined oils and how great it is to use it. I think i am going to give this a try. I will tell my mum what she thinks about making our own oil at home. Thankfully, you have given procedures on how to use the oil press machine. Thanks

    1. Hi John, thanks for writing and I’m glad you like the idea of trying to make your own oil. You can only benefit out of it. Wish you and mum luck with oil pressing. Cheers!

  2. great tips you have shared here on ensuring we get the right set of machine that would make our oil production much more possible. though  i ill no deny that i have never make oil before neither have i handled such a machine as this but then, learning never ends. the tips you shared to ensuring that we select the right oil presser machine is welcomed too.

    1. Hi Rodarrick, The actual pressing is not that difficult, you just drop the material and the machine does the work. The most important thing is to know which seed or nut you wish to yield oil from and make sure you check the humidity and dryness level required before you press it. Thanks for writing. 

  3. I love the idea of making ones oil on our own and we will be aware of every thing that’s in it. Currently in the market, there are so many products that have been proceed and have some form of preservatives or additional chemical substance which makes it not completely organic and some of these chemicals can be harmful to the health of some people. Seeing this post and the procedure one can follow in making their own oil gives me so much joy. I’ll love to try making mine and see how well it goes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Benson, I’m happy you like my article. Pressing your own oil is very healthy as you maintain all the nutrition of the seed or material you are expelling. I hope you find the confidence to give it a go. Cheers!

  4. Hello Marisa,

              Thank you for this article.  We are big time users of olive oil and also use avocado oil and, on rare occasion, peanut oil.  I hadn’t considered pressing my own but see the benefits of doing so.

    Since I’m used to commercial oil products, would I be using less freshly-pressed oil for the same cooking job?  Since the aroma and flavor are more intense I’m trying to get an idea of what to expect.  I guess in baking, where measurements count, I wouldn’t be able to do that unless I had some sort of filler substitute, etc.

    One last question…  what about avocado oil.  Are there personal machines that can produce it at home?

    Thanks again,


    1. HI Scott, I’m happy you already use various edible oils. I use so many oils in different ways and I love them all. Ideally you use unrefined oils on salad dressings, on pasta etc, without heating, but yes if you use it for cooking or baking you will notice the stronger aroma so you should use fewer amount as with concentrated oil. 

      Sure, the press machine is suitable for making avocado oil.  Avocado oil is great for cooking even for wok style at a higher flame. Here is the link to the machine

      And here is another link that will help you with the extraction method of avocado oil.

      Thanks for writing and happy baking. 

  5. Hi Marisa! Yeah, I’ve always wanted to make my own freshly pressed oils. Besides having pure concentration, one of the most important points is having chemical and additive free oils. Thank you for helping me make up my mind concerning this automatic oil press machine. It’ll bring sweet childhood memories.

    I have recently been reading the adverse effects all these additives have on our health.

    1. Hi Henry, I’m happy this has been of help to you. Wish you luck in your new venture of oil pressing. You never know, if you enjoy it you can turn it into your own small business. Thanks for writing and keep healthy. 

  6. now that everything is turning into the DIY world, it is only normal to have such a machine as this at home to ensure that we can make our oils by ourselves for our needs without having to buy anything from all these refined sources. this is rather interesting to know of. the tips on getting the best oil pressing machine is good and would help ensure we get the best and noting short of that. thanks.

    1. Hi Ramos, that is so true, bit by bit we are managing everything ourselves and hey it is great for our health, as we know exactly what we are putting in our food. Thanks for your comment. Cheers!

  7. So many advantages you have given here to make use of the press machine for making oil. I think that this is a very convenient way to make pure oils. Instead of the constant scepticism of not knowing whether or not the oil we buy is good, one can just make it. Great post.

    1. Hi John, The press machine is easy and handy to have and if you have the time, it is healthy to press your own oil. Hope you will give it a go one day. Cheers and thanks for reading my article.  

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