Best Face Massagers To Make Your Skin Glow

Best Face Massagers To Make Your Skin Glow

Your skin deserves the best treatment after a long way at work or travel. Learn about the best face massagers that can scrub away stress from your face.

Whether your skin is too sensitive for facials, or you need a simpler stress reliever after a tiring day, face massagers make a wonderful addition to every woman’s skincare collection.

We have researched the market and reviewed some of the best face massagers for your convenience. They can enhance skin glow, reduce swelling while taking away any sign of stress from your skin.

You may be just starting your anti-aging skincare routine or need an upgrade in your existing one, incorporating a face massager can make a huge difference. It will save a ton of time since you won’t have to apply various products and run a manual massage every time.

Moreover, face massagers do a wonderful job of uplifting your skin and enhancing its glow. We have tried and tested some of the best face massagers in the market so that you can pick one that’d be right for your skin.

I hope you like our choice of massagers.

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Face Massagers Quick List

9 Best Face Massage Tools + 1 Retinol Serum

Best Facial Massage Brush

Nagra Coola Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Product Description: Begin your daily skincare routine with one of the best face massagers in the market. Sonic face massager helps you exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, clean and reduce all pores size, and deliver a holistic experience at the end of your day.

Design and Quality: The brush is made of top-grade gentle silicone and performs a deep cleansing, leaving your skin absolutely fresh. It can function for up to 30 days on a 2 hours charge. 


  • Soft touch bristles and easy to clean
  • Waterproof, electric

Best Hot and Cold Massager

Yusong Electric Hot and Cold Face Massager

Product Description: Yusong offers an incredible face massager that can deliver both hot and cold massage, whenever your face needs to be uplifted. With micro-current technology coupled with high-frequency vibration, the face massager delivers one of the best experiences for your skin.

Design and Quality: You can operate the device using the four minimalistic buttons on its bodies. Whether you crave a hot face massage or a cold one, it will help you control and view all the details on its LCD display.


  • Travel size face massager
  • Easy to operate

Best Jade Roller for Fine Lines

Ligttle Vibration Jade Roller for Face

Product Description: Ligttle Jade Roller offers multifunctional features and delivers up to 6000 vibrations per minute. One electric massage with this product claims to be equivalent to 280 manual massages. And users seem to agree.

Design and Quality: The face massager comes with two extensions that you can add to its sleek handle. It features a roller massager and an under-eye press.


  • Results are visible within 28 days
  • The manufacturer offers 30 days refund

Best Face Massager for Sensitive Skin

Senxiller Facial Massager

Product Description: Vibration coupled with LED features, the Senxiller face massager helps enhance the skin’s natural glow and improve skin temperature. It eliminates dead cells from your skin and reduces fine lines. It is an effective face massage for women who are just starting their anti-aging skincare routine.

Design and Quality: This handheld face massager is compact in design and comes in a sleek white body. Its elegant appearance makes it even more appealing to users.


  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Safe for sensitive skin 

Best Face Massager for Puffy Eyes

Andego Face Massager for Face Lift

Product Description: Andego Face massager comes with two massage heads, one rolling, one T-shaped. You can use this multi-functional face massage to fight the signs of aging. The T-shaped flat extension mostly helps with reducing puffy eyes.

Design and Quality: The 14k gold plated body is made of commercial-grade, durable material delivering 6000 vibrations per minute. You can use it in the shower thanks to the waterproof coating.


  • Operates on rechargeable batteries
  • Delivers high-frequency vibration

Best Overall Face Massager for Skin Rejuvenation

XNUO Led Light Therapy & Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser

Product Description: 5 in 1 skin massager, XNUO offers one of the most therapeutic massages. The product can deliver ultrasonic in order to simulate cell activities, the cleansing mode runs a deep cleansing on your skin and the nutrient absorption mode helps your skin relax.

Design and Quality: The device features LED light in three colours that boost the production of collagen in your skin. Thanks to the easy-to-use buttons you can easily work your way around the device.


  • Features an LCD display
  • Five modes are available

Best Budget Face Massager

Frcolor Portable Electric Facial Massager

Product Description: If you want a face massager to carry with you all the time, this exceptional offering by FrColor will make the best choice for you. It comes in a compact size, you can fit it in your pocket or purse and expect high-quality performance every time you use it. 

Design and Quality: The product features micro-current technology and delivers high-frequency vibrations. For such a small device, FrColor is a wonderful face massager and offers great value for money.


  • Made of plastic and metal
  • Runs on minimal power

Best Anti Wrinkle Massager

Dermashine Face Massager

Product Description: Dermashine is a powerful anti-aging face massage that can uplift your skin and tackle all signs of aging including fine line, and wrinkles. You can incorporate the massager with your regular skincare routine and it will improve moisture absorption for your skin.

Design and Quality: Featuring a sleek and polished massager wand, the device delivers high-frequency vibration that improves blood circulation in your skin. The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty.


  • Time-saving functionalities 
  • Offers moneyback guarantee

Best Roller for Allergic Prone Skin

Pretty See Ice Roller for Eyes and Face

Product Description: If you’re looking for something to soothe edema, puffiness and tiredness off your skin, Pretty See Ice Roller may be the right choice for you. This tool can also be used to relieve allergies, like inflamed eczema and calm skin after being frozen for at least 10-15minutes in your refrigerator.

Design and Quality: The rolling head has inbuilt frozen beads and after freezing for 15min it stays cold for a long time.  The head is removable and you can keep it in the freezer to use when necessary.


  • Can be used to alleviate migraines
  • Safe to use on inflamed skin with eczema

Bioniva Retinol Serum with Vegan Hyaluronic Acid

I´m happy to share with you this affordable and effective anti ageing serum that includes as ingredients; vitamins A & E, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil and Vegan Hyaluronic Acid.

The product has many positive reviews for improving the overall skin texture. It is suggested to use with your night time skincare routine.

Do Facial Massagers Really Work?

Though face massage has no proven long term anti-ageing results, facial massagers do stimulate your skin and help reduce stress off your face.

This is due to an increase in the blood flow in your face. If you ever tried using one of these massage tools, you will immediately notice a blush flushing your cheeks minutes after you start massaging your skin.

Besides facial massagers also help in:

  • Reducing puffiness.
  • Relaxing tense muscles
  • Toning face muscles
  • Toning down fine lines
  • Tighten facial skin
  • Making your skin glow
  • Rejuvenating

Facial massagers are complementary tools to use in your skin-care routine. Frequent use will strengthen your skin and enhances elasticity. You will then start noticing a more youthful appearance due to tighter and smoother skin.

Though you cannot stop counting the candles on the cake, you can surely control the way you look.

The above face tools can all be purchased on Amazon. I hope you find them useful and would be glad to know which one is your favourite and why.


6 thoughts on “Best Face Massagers To Make Your Skin Glow

  1. Hello there, thank you for sharing this wonderful information, and I have forwarded to my mom as I´m sure she will get one. Or perhaps I can purchase one for her as a gift. The XNUO Led Light Therapy & Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser is the one that has attracted my attention as it combines the 5 functions in 1. 

  2. Hello Marisa, Thanks a lot for sharing your recommendations for having a cute soft skin.  I am very happy I came across this because my skin has been suffering for a long time now. Personally, I think a stress free life is the best solution but many people always stress themselves lot. Your recommendations are good and I will get them soon. 

    1. Hi, I am glad you liked our choice of best face massagers. I use the Jade roller, along with the Gua Sha in my daily face care routine, and I love them both. You will realise that once you get used to the pampering you will want more of these massagers. Thank you for writing. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this great information on face massagers.  

    I work in the industry, so I would highly recommend these products to your readers.

    You certainly have covered a great range from manual to electronic, so there is certainly something for everyone.

    I have had great feedback on the cleansing brush.  I haven’t come across the serum before, but I think that it would be a great addition to use with your massagers.

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