What Is The Best Christmas Gift For Her 2020? | Unique Just Like Her

What Is The Best Christmas Gift For Her 2020? | Unique Just Like Her


Let´s face it. It is always a bit challenging to find the perfect and unique gift for a GREAT WOMAN. This article will help you figure out what is the best Christmas Gift for her in 2020.

Many times you are gifted things you are not interested in or perhaps you don´t even like.  However, you are aware that when looking for a gift for someone special, it is always a complex search to find what you´re after, as you kind of know what you want but can’t figure it out, until you come across that special THING. 

Now that the holiday season is near I am sharing with you some excellent products that are amazing and surely loved by woman. 

If you know what type your woman is, then it is easier to spot the correct gift. 

Have a look at the following: 

#1. Gift For The Ravishing Woman Who Is Always Looking Glamorous

The Brazilian Facelift KIT

Contains 3 innovative products;

1.Bratoxin, the closest natural alternative to Botox, for an immediate lift up, as it stops the muscle contraction that form the wrinkles for 1-2hrs after application.
2.Bratoxinsta, a serum for instant puffiness reduction. &
3.Acai, sleep mask that goes skin deep and is antioxidant, antiaging and detoxifying.

The secret behind the beauty of Brazilian women lies in their care habits.
By making skin care a ritual since young age they surely benefit from it into older age.

The following skincare products are sourced naturally from the Brazilian rain forest and the minerals are known to eliminate wrinkles and puffiness without delay.

A serum, a filler and a night toner, all together will help you rejuvenate the skin.

Look younger at every age. Start using this product from your 30s up into your 60s.

Apply the product every morning and night and reduce puffy eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles.

The product is clinically tested and not tested on animals.

#2. Gift For The Holistic Woman Who Is Always On The Go But Still Has Time For Her Beauty Routine


i) The Kansa Wand

made of Kansa metal is an non electric, all natural massage tool for a youthful look.

Simply massage the face with little oil and see the results in a short time.
The Kansa Wand has an incredible positive feedback from many women. It is known to remove toxins.

To complement your gift I recommend:

ii) iYURA Head-Turner Trio- Pack.

The iYURA Head-Turner Trio for lustrous skin and luscious skin for only $49 at The Ayurveda Experience!

The indispensable oils you need to make your skin glow. BE NOTICED.

iYURA are made from pure & 100% natural Ayurveda products.

No additives or chemicals, and not tested on animals.

2-3 drops of day and night oils are enough to do the magic.

One of the ingredients in the hair oil is the nutritious Amla fruit (emblica oficinalis), replete in Vitamin C, that enhances strong and shiny hair.

Note: all 3 products contain cow milk so if you are allergic, please test a small patch before using.

#3. Gift For The Resolute Woman Who Is Willing To Drop Weight The Natural & Healthy Way

The Effortless Weight Loss Plan


This is a course and an alternative and effective diet with a difference.

The course follows the Ayurveda steps, and what makes it amazing is that you do not have to sacrifice and starve yourself.

Ayurveda is about getting to know your metabolism, eat the proper food that goes well with you, eliminate the bad toxins and know how to maintain a good health.

This might sound a lot of work but once your system gets used to new habits, your body craves for the right food and VOILA!!, no need to give up on all the foods you like.

Note for men: It is not offensive to gift a weight loss course or program to a woman. As long as you know she takes care of her health and she is willing to lose weight.

#4. Gift For the Well-read Woman who never stops learning


AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

You can never go wrong when gifting books, especially if you know the person receiving the present is a book geek.

Audio books are inexpensive and practical to use, as you can listen to when on the go.

There are 3 types of gifts to choose from:
1. Simply gift any audio book.
2. Gift an audio book club membership and save money. Obtain discounts and exclusive offers to a great selection of titles. There is also a 30 day free trial and anytime cancellation policy thereafter.
3. Gift a certificate that can be redeemed for any audio book.

Audio books can be downloaded directly from the website or from free Apps, or else streaming from your smart phone or the major browsers; Chrome, Firefox etc.

A wide selection of titles is available so AudioBooksNow won´t fall short of your expectations.

From best sellers to new releases, fiction and non-fiction plus you can pre-order titles that are not yet available.

#5. Gift For the Health Conscious Mum Who Is Exploring a New Healthy Lifestyle Along With Her Family

Ayurveda (Idiot´s Guide): This book is a great introduction to Ayurveda, and it can also be used as a reference guide in the future. Be sure that once you start reading about Ayurveda you will be hooked.

Ayurveda is about prevention, maintenance, detoxification and curing of the body the natural way.

Ayurveda is the holistic ancient medicine of India, and after discovering your body type (doshas), you will be taught which food you can digest better, the importance of getting quality sleep, and why you should integrate a routine to balance your dosha for better health etc.

We take many things for granted and we should be more aware of the body´s self healing power.

You can go adapting what you learn into your daily routine. Bit by bit, as you read along, you will be acquiring knowledge, educating yourself and the whole family, and enhancing your immune system.

It is recommend you acquire the physical version of the book, as many times you find yourself wanting to highlight information for future research.

I  give a five star ***** rating to all above products for;  

  • the natural ingredients,
  • animal friendly
  • and no harm whatsoever. 
  • the books are self-enriching.

I am sure you will not regret gifting any of the above. I hope you like these gift ideas and can make your women very happy.


Anti Ageing Tips for Women – Beauty & Wellness

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8 thoughts on “What Is The Best Christmas Gift For Her 2020? | Unique Just Like Her

  1. Hi Marissa,

    I love this page! And I especially like that these gifts are cruelty-free. Many of them are gifts I would like to have. Maybe I should share this page with my boyfriend, because he recently asked me what I would like for Christmas 😉 It would be good to give him some ideas. I would love to have the Brazilian face lift kit, that one is a gift that would make me very happy. The kansa wand is also something I could use. I think that using it is not only good for the skin, but perhaps it also has a calming and relaxing effect. Could that be? The Ayurverda’s idiot’s guide can also be added to my list. It is true that we often forget that our bodies can heal ourselves. I want to learn more about that.

    1. Hi Christine, I´m glad you like most of the items and hey, it´s great to share with your boyfriend to give him ideas. 

      The Kansa Wand is perfect for a face massage, it feels pleasant on the skin and the warmth from the Kansa metal make you relax and relieve stress. 

      In regards to Ayurveda, I feel blessed to have discovered it ages ago, and I follow its philosophy and apply it to everyday routine as much as I can. 

      Thank you for writing and have a nice day. 

  2. Hi!  Thank you for the information.  I am always on the lookout for new and unique gift ideas for my wife.  The ‘Laughing Yoga’ article really interested me.  I have never heard of that before, but I am going to suggest it to my wife.  She is very into Yoga, but the class she attended was discontinued by our local medical center about a year ago.  She hasn’t found another class that she really likes.  Do you have any suggestions on how to find a good Yoga instructor/class?  Thanks!

    1. Hi Mike, that is good to hear; it is nice of you to look for special gifts for your wife. 

      I´d say look into international yoga organisations as usually they are in contact worldwide. Another way is to look for nature shops or other social centres as many like to advertise there. Another way is by word of mouth. It all depends on where you live really. 

      Thank you for writing and hope your wife will find a good class. Yoga is an excellent exercise to keep fit and healthy and having a great instructor is very important. 

  3. Ok so these are some awesome ideas for gifts. My question for you about the weight loss article how would you go about giving this a gift without offending the women you are planning on giving it to. Just wouldn’t want to have a gift go the wrong way for me or anyone I guess. I like the audio book idea it seems like it is a gift that you can keep adding to all throughout the year to with birthdays and mother’s day and so on. Anyway thank you for all the great information and enjoy the day.

    1. Hi Douglas, the diet plan is a course to learn which is the best food for you, and an easier and healthier way to lose weight in the long run. It is not offensive at all. Personalised gifts are unique and different and it is all about knowing the woman you are gifting it to. She will be very grateful to have discovered Ayurveda and natural weight loss through your gift.
      I´m happy you found the gift ideas interesting, and do let me know if I can help you in anyway regarding the products. Good day to you too.

  4. So I left a comment on your website about the audio books and how great they were.  I think that they would keep on giving and going throughout the year.  One question that I had was on the weight loss idea and how you would go about giving that as a gift without offending a women as I am a man and would think that might be kinda a bad idea.  Otherwise very good info and ideas for christmas gifts might have to use one for my wife.  Thank you very much.

    1. Hi, I just replied to your other message regarding the weight loss program. The gifts are all precious and will be loved by special women. I´m sure your wife will like them. 

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