Online Black Friday Deals For | Your Natural Beauty & Health in 2019

Online Black Friday Deals For | Your Natural Beauty & Health in 2019


Hi everyone,

Black Friday is here, and these are the best NINE online black Friday deals I have carefully selected FOR YOU.

1.All Natural Anti aging skin care products

The Brazilian facelift that works in minutes with naturally derived ingredients from the Amazon rainforest – TRY NOW!

2.Best selling gift sets. Trio, Pack of 3. Day & night face oils and hair oil.

IYURA Head-Turner Trio – Pack Of 3 – $147.00

from: Transformative Learning PTE LTD


3. Hydrating Toner for Dry Skin

Ajara Rose Hydrating Toner (For Dry/Vata Skin) – $32.00
The Rose Hydrating Toner Is Perfect For Both Dry And Sensitive Skin Types. The Cooling, Soothing Qualities Of Rose And Rose Geranium Help With Redness, While Glycerin Provides A Dewy, Youthful Look And Feel By Moisturizing The Outer Layers Of The Skin, Leaving It Soft, Hydrated And Refreshed. Enriched With The Goodness Of Rose And Rose Geranium, This Toner Effectively Removes Residual Properties And Refines The Appeareance Of Pores Giving The Face A Radiant, Clean Look. It Also gives A Soft Feel And A Healthy Complexion. the Glycerine Helps To Keep The Skin Well-nourished.  This Toner Is The Perfect Solution For: Dryness Pores Dullness Uneven Texture Inflammation And Redness Directions: Spray Toner On Face After Cleansing, Before Using Ajara Serum Or Cream. May Also Be Applied Throughout The Day To Freshen Skin And Make-up. Ingredients Rosa Damascena (rose) Flower Distillate*, Pelargonium Spp. (rose Geranium) Leaf/flower Distillate* + Vegetable Glycerine*    *organic


4.Lip Care

Ajara Turmeric Ginger Vegan Lip Balm

5.Eye Care

Ajara Sandalwood Rose Age Defying Eye Butter – $36.00
*** Bestseller *** Made With Pure Organic Ghee, And Fragrant Essential Oils, This Eye Butter Is Sure To Provide The Rejuvenation Your Eyes Need! Formulated Specifically For Those Concerned With Signs Of Aging That Include Fine Lines And Crow’s Feet. The Toning Effect Of Sandalwood In This Product Helps reduce The Appearance Of Pores, Uneven Skin Texture, And A Sagging And Aging Look, Thereby Bringing Life Back To The Face. It Understands That Your Skin Needs Toning And Softening, But Believes In Being Gentle About It. Its Heavenly Aroma In Itself Will Be Enough To Make You Feel Calmer. rose Flower Oil Is Described In The Ancient Ayurvedic Texts To enhance Beauty, Promote Good Complexion, And Balance Pitta. it Also Goes On To Reduce The Appearance Of Puffy Eyes And Under-eye Bags. Directions: Apply To Moist Skin. Dot Cream Around The Eye Area, Then Gently Tap It Into The Skin. Size: 15 G (0.53 Oz) Ingredients Ghee (clarified Cultured Butter), Santalum Spicatum (sandalwood) Heartwood Oil, Rosa Odorata (rose) Flower Oil, Lavendula Angustifolia (lavender Flower Oil), Citrus Limon (lemon) Fruit Peel Oil Size: 15 G (0.53 Oz)

6.Massage Tools

Super Saver Kansa Wands Pack – $175.00
These Kansa Massage Tools Work Wonders For Giving You A Youthful Face, Stress-relief And Total Skin And Mind-body Rejuvenation! Whether As A Part Of A Facial Or A Stand-alone Experience, this Wand Will Give You A Natural, Gentle Face-tightening And Revitalizing Experience Like Never Before! All Natural, Involving No Electronic Gadgets Or Harmful Radiations Or Even Chemicals, This Tool Is Made With The Healing Metal Of India- Kansa. That’s Where The Impressive Power Of The Tool Lies- In This Golden, Historical Metal, Kansa. Use These Wands For Different Parts Of The Body And Enjoy A Deeply Relaxing And Rejuvenating Experience! This Pack Includes: Personal Kansa Face Wand (small) Kansa Face And Body Wand (medium) Kansa Foot Wand (large)



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7.Lose Weight The Natural Way

Save $47 on the 21-Day Effortless Weight Loss Plan at

8. Ayurveda and Auto Immune Diseases

Check out the Ayurveda approach on how to treat Auto Immune Diseases. This course will reveal the power of our body to heal itself if it is fed the correct inputs through food, self-care and exercise.

9. And finally; Do you want to know what your body type is according to Ayurveda?

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Get to know what earth element relates to you and unveil your personality type; your strengths and weaknesses. Then read more about Ayurveda to find out  how your doshas reflect in your well-being and health imbalance, so the next step will be to learn what home remedies, food, and exercises will help you improve your health, and in return live a happier life.