Beauty Gifts for WOMEN

Beauty Gifts for WOMEN




This is what I just got for myself to treat my skin during the change of season.

Dear Ladies:  Go pamper yourselves with these beauty gifts for women.

Dear Men: Please treat your lovely women with a special well deserved gift.  

Always Keep Happy & Healthy

Marisa – Beauty & Wellness


6 thoughts on “Beauty Gifts for WOMEN

  1. Um… I’ve never tried any of these products before. They look so nice. I could need a little pampering myself.

    My sister’s birthday is coming up soon. I might consider buying one of the Ajara sandalwoods rose age defying butter.

    She not looking her best these days with the new baby and all. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Kelyee, they do look very nice, don´t they? And the Ajara spa is made of pure ghee. I´m a fan of ghee. Go ahead and give your sister a nice surprise gift. cheers!

  2. Wow! This would be well-loved beauty gifts for all women for their better looks in natural ways.
    I’ve never tried anyone of this before but it’s worth trying.
    The only thing that concerns me is the smell, I like the natural smell of the greens and flowers, no strong extract or any other type.

    Thank you for this information.

    1. Hi Lyn, thank you for writing. The reviews are great and the products must be nice. I tend to trust Ayurvedic products from reliable brands. The ghee might be oily but it is perfect for dry skin. Cheers

  3. Manjistha is fantastic for the skin I can prove it. Give the skin an even-toned, clear appearance. I’ve been using this product for about a month, and I love it! Makes my skin feel very soft, and my husband says my skin looks better!
    Thank’s for sharing

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